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Ann Major

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Ann Major
Marriage at the Cowboy's Demand
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Cara Colter
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"As a romance writer, I hate to admit this," says author Cara Colter, "but my first passion was not men, but horses."

The love affair began the first day of school, when Tom and his paint pony galloped right off the Grade One reader page and into Cara's heart. From that day on, Cara rode her imaginary pony through the streets of her hometown: Calgary, Alberta.

"It wasn't called creative visualization back then, but, still, it worked. I bought my first horse when I was just our of high school at age 17. Surprise — a paint pony I called Kiowa."

Cara’s second passion, once again, was not men but books. She spent the days of her youth curled up in a big green armchair reading. When she couldn’t find a good book, she began to make up the kind of stories she wanted to read. She credits this, and not her journalism diploma, for the publication of her first romance novel in, 1985.

Finally, the man part! In 1990, Cara met Rob, her partner, the love of her life and her soul mate, after having given up totally on romance (except in books!).

"My life began to work at precisely when I realized I’d made quite a mess of it. Humbled, I went to my Creator and asked for help. I found out everything I needed to experience joy and fulfillment — to feel complete — was right inside of me, in my soul. The irony was, when I discovered that, everything I had ever wanted finally came to me."

Rob, a building contractor, brought his two sons, Richard and Jeffrey, to the relationship. Cara has a daughter, Cassidy. All three are now teens.

"My family is one of my greatest sources of delight and inspiration — yes, they’re even better than horses or books!"

Cara, Rob and their children live, love, and laugh together in a beautiful Cape Cod-style home that they designed and built themselves. They share ten acres in the gorgeous Kootenay region of British Columbia, with eight horses of every imaginable size, shape and color. (Cara's favorite is a scruffy and somewhat cranky little Arab-Appaloosa cross named Two-bit.) They also have two purr-fect kitties, Hunter and Soda.

"Each day I acknowledge, with gratitude, the abundance of gifts I have been given," says Cara. "One of the most precious to me is the opportunity I have been given to serve God and my fellow man by writing such wonderful stories of love and hope."

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Photo: Cara Colter
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Book List
Millionaire's Homecoming, The (05/14)

Rescued by the Millionaire (02/14)

Snowflakes and Silver Linings (large print) (12/13)

Cowboy, the Baby and the Bride-To-Be, The (reissue) (08/13)

How to Melt a Frozen Heart (large print) (07/13)

Second Chance with the Rebel / Her Royal Wedding Wish (large print) (05/13)

Snowed in at the Ranch (large print) (11/12)

Snowed in at the Ranch (11/12)

Battle for the Soldier's Heart (07/12)

Battle for the Soldier's Heart (large print) (07/12)

Cop, the Puppy and Me, The (02/12)

Cop, the Puppy and Me, The (large print) (02/12)

Dance With a Prince, To (03/11)

Rescued by HIs Christmas Angel (12/10)

Winning a Groom in 10 Dates (07/10)

Rescued in a Wedding Dress (02/10)

Just Married! (Anthology) (01/10)

Just Married! (Large Print) (01/10)

Snowbound Bride-To-Be (12/09)

Miss Maple and the Playboy (08/09)

Hired: Nanny Bride (05/09)

His Mistletoe Bride (12/08)

Her Royal Wedding Wish (06/08)

Playboy's Plain Jane, The (02/08)

Their Christmas Wish Come True (10/07)

Prince And The Nanny, The (03/07)

Prince and the Nanny, The (UK) (03/07)

Vow To Keep, A (12/06)

Vow to Keep, A (UK) (12/06)

Priceless Gifts (07/06)

Chasing Dreams (06/06)

That Old Feeling (05/06)

Love's Nine Lives (01/06)

Nighttime Sweetheart (02/05)

Her Second-Chance Man (07/04)

Major Daddy (03/04)

Greatest Risk, The (01/04)

What a Woman Should Know (09/03)

Hasty Wedding, A (01/03)

Guess Who's Coming for Christmas? (12/02)

9 Out of 10 Women Can't Be Wrong (09/02)

Her Royal Husband (07/02)

What Child Is This? (04/02)

Wed by a Will (09/01)

Heiress Takes a Husband, The (08/01)

Husband by Inheritance (07/01)

First Time, Forever (08/00)

Royal Marriage, A (04/00)

Babe in the Woods, A (01/00)

Weddings Do Come True (11/99)

Bride Worth Waiting For, A (08/99)

Truly Daddy (04/99)

Cowboy, the Baby and the Bride-To-Be, The (11/98)

Husband in Red (08/97)

Baby in Blue (06/96)

Dare to Dream (03/87)


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