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Eye On Romance
Featured Author
Ann Major

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Ann Major
Marriage at the Cowboy's Demand
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Lori Copeland
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Book Series
A Morning Shade Mystery
Belles of Timber Creek
Brides of the West
Carolina Moon Series
Men of the Saddle
Seattle Brides
Sisters of Mercy Flats
Book List
Preacher's Lady, The (03/16)

Healer's Touch, The (10/14)

Rainy Day Dreams (04/14)

Bride for Noah, A (10/13)

Under the Summer Sky (01/13)

When Love Comes My Way (06/12)

Love Blooms in Winter (01/12)

One Who Waits for Me, The (08/11)

Man's Heart, A (10/10)

Walker's Wedding (06/10)

One True Love (03/10)

Kiss For Cade, A (01/10)

Christmas Lamp, The (Hardcover) (10/09)

Outlaw's Bride (07/09)

Three Times Blessed (05/09)

Twice Loved (07/08)

Now and Always (06/08)

Bluebonnet Belle (10/07)

Unwrapping Christmas (Hardcover) (10/07)

June (reissue) (07/07)

Faith (reissue) (07/07)

Hope (reissue) (07/07)

Simple Gifts (04/07)

Yellow Rose Bride (12/06)

Monday Morning Faith (09/06)

Perfect Love, A (05/06)

Plainsman, The (12/05)

Maverick, The (09/05)

Drifter, The (03/05)

Mother of Prevention (03/05)

Peacemaker, The (01/05)

Case of Nosy Neighbors, A (09/04)

Case of Crooked Letters, A (04/04)

Patience (02/04)

Case of Bad Taste, A (07/03)

Stranded in Paradise (12/02)

Ruth (10/02)

Roses Will Bloom Again (06/02)

Christmas Vows $5 Extra (11/01)

Child of Grace (05/01)

Marrying Walker McKay (12/00)

Glory (10/00)

Fruitcakes & Other Leftovers (12/99)

Bride of Johnny McAllister, The (10/99)

Hope (10/99)

June (04/99)

Faith (10/98)

Fudgeballs and Other Sweets (04/98)

Courtship of Cade Kolby, The (09/97)

Baby on the Doorstep (Anthology) (07/97)

Angel Face and Amazing Grace (01/97)

Dates and Other Nuts (08/96)

Bridal Lace and Buckskin (05/96)

Someone To Love (05/95)

Promise Me Forever (05/94)

Like Father, Like Son? (Hardcover) (02/94)

Promise Me Tomorrow (09/93)

Like Father, Like Daughter? (07/93)

Timeless Love (Anthology) (02/93)

Promise Me Today (12/92)

Built To Last (09/92)

Forever, Ashley (07/92)

Taste of Temptation, A (04/92)

Melancholy Baby (11/91)

Sweet Hannah Rose (04/91)

Squeeze Play (01/91)

'Tiz the Season (12/90)

Fool Me Once (04/90)

Darling Deceiver (03/90)

Tall Cotton (03/90)

Sweet Talkin' Stranger (04/89)

Dancy's Woman (01/89)

Tale of Love (12/88)

Trouble With Thorny, The (09/88)

Passion's Captive (08/88)

Avenging Angel (10/87)

Up for Grabs (07/87)

Passion's Folly (03/87)

When Lightning Stikes (12/86)

Tug of War (12/86)

Out of This World (10/86)

Hot on His Trail (05/86)

Love of Our Own, A (02/86)

More Than She Bargained For (09/85)

Spitfire (07/85)

High Voltage (05/85)

Forever After (03/85)

Rainbow's End (12/84)

Only the Best (11/84)

Winning Combination, A (09/84)

Two of a Kind (08/84)

Out of Control (05/84)

All or Nothing (02/84)

Tempting Stranger, A (10/83)

Playing for Keeps (04/83)


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