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Eye On Romance
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Lisa Jackson

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Lisa Jackson
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Marie Ferrarella
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Born in West Germany, Marie Ferrarella came to this country with her parents at the age of four.

She obtained an undergraduate degree in English and a M.A. in Shakespearean comedy from Queens College (N.Y.).

Married to a man she set her sights on at the age of 14, Marie lives in California with her husband and their two overactive children, Nikky and Jessi.

The author of over forty-five published novels, she writes every single day.

Her hobbies are old movies, musicals, mysteries, and, of course, her family.

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American Hero
Baby of the Month Club series
Baby's Choice series
Bachelors of Blair Memorial series
Bundles of Joy
Cameo series
Cavanaugh Justice series
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Book List
Twice a Hero, Always Her Man (12/16)

Cowboy and the Baby, The (10/16)

Cavanaugh Cold Case (06/16)

Cavanaugh or Death (04/16)

Colton Copycat Killer (01/16)

Dr. Forget-Me-Not (01/16)

Coming Home for Christmas (10/15)

Second Chance Colton (10/15)

Cowboy and the Lady, The (09/15)

How to Seduce a Cavanaugh (07/15)

Do You Take This Maverick? (07/15)

Cavanaugh Fortune (04/15)

Christmas Cowboy Duet (12/14)

Diamond in the Ruff (09/14)

Her Forever Cowboy (09/14)

Cavanaugh Strong (08/14)

Dating for Two (06/14)

Cavanaugh Undercover (05/14)

Lassoed by Fortune (03/14)

Cavanaugh Hero (02/14)

Cowboy's Christmas Surprise, The (12/13)

Small Town Thanksgiving, A (11/13)

Mission: Cavanaugh Baby (09/13)

His Forever Valentine (08/13)

Colton Ransom, The (07/13)

Wish Upon a Matchmaker (06/13)

Cavanaugh On Duty (05/13)

Ten Years Later.... (04/13)

Small Fortune, A (03/13)

Perfectly Imperfect Match, A (02/13)

Widow's Guilty Secret, A (01/13)

Colton Showdown (12/12)

Forever Christmas, A (11/12)

Cavanaugh's Surrender (10/12)

Dangerous Disguise (reissue) (09/12)

Woman Who Wasn't There, The (reissue) (09/12)

Cavanaugh Heat (reissue) (09/12)

In Broad Daylight (reissue) (09/12)

Alone in the Dark (reissue) (09/12)

Cavanaugh Watch (reissue) (09/12)

Real Vintage Maverick (08/12)

Cavanaugh Rules (07/12)

Baby on the Ranch, A (07/12)

Lassoing the Deputy (05/12)

Once Upon a Matchmaker (05/12)

Military Man (reissue) (03/12)

Last First Kiss, The (03/12)

Cavanaugh's Bodyguard (03/12)

Baby Changes Everything, A (reissue) (02/12)

Special Agent's Perfect Cover (01/12)

Fortune's Valentine Bride (01/12)

Holiday in a Stetson (11/11)

Cavanaugh Christmas, A (11/11)

Doctor's Guardian, The (10/11)

Labor of Love (anthology) (09/11)

Montana Sheriff (09/11)

Baby Wore a Badge, The (07/11)

Private Justice (06/11)

What the Single Dad Wants (05/11)

Match for the Doctor, A (04/11)

Fortune's Just Desserts (04/11)

Doctor's Forever Family, The (03/11)

In His Protective Custody (02/11)

Ramona and the Renegade (01/11)

Unwrapping the Playboy (11/10)

Sheriff's Christmas Surprise, The (11/10)

Bachelor, The (reissue) (09/10)

Cavanugh Reunion (09/10)

Colton by Marriage (07/10)

Cavanaugh Judgment (06/10)

Fixed Up With Mr Right? (05/10)

Five-Alarm Affair (reissue) (04/10)

Doctoring the Single Dad (03/10)

In Bed with the Badge (02/10)

Prescription for Romance (01/10)

Cavanaugh Code, The (12/09)

Lawman for Christmas, A (11/09)

Agent's Secret Baby, The (10/09)

Becoming a Cavanaugh (09/09)

Cavanaugh Pride (08/09)

Father in the Making (reissue) (08/09)

39-Year-Old Virgin, The (07/09)

Loving the Right Brother (06/09)

Heiress's 2-Week Affair, The (04/09)

Travis's Appeal (03/09)

Plain Jane and the Playboy (01/09)

Mistletoe and Miracles (12/08)

Colton's Secret Service (09/08)

Bride With No Name, The (08/08)

Diamond In The Rough (07/08)

Protecting His Witness (06/08)

Secret Agent Affair (05/08)

Doctor's Secret, A (03/08)

Cavanaugh Heat (02/08)

Falling for the M.D. (01/08)

Her Sworn Protector (12/07)

Capturing the Millionaire (11/07)

Taming the Playboy (10/07)

Doctor in the House (09/07)

Remodeling the Bachelor (Large Print) (08/07)

Remodeling the Bachelor (08/07)

My Spy (07/07)

Romancing the Teacher (Large Print) (05/07)

Cavanaugh Watch (UK) (05/07)

Romancing The Teacher (05/07)

Prodigal MD Returns, The (UK) (04/07)

Diagnosis: Danger (04/07)

Mr. Hall Takes A Bride (03/07)

Woman Who Wasn't There, The (UK) (03/07)

Her Lawman On Call (02/07)

Second Time Around, The (01/07)

Mother In Training (10/06)

Cavanaugh Watch (09/06)

Prodigal M.D. Returns, The (08/06)

Setup, The (07/06)

Finding Home (06/06)

Woman Who Wasn't There, The (05/06)

Heart of a Ruler, The (04/06)

Military Man (03/06)

Husbands and Other Strangers (02/06)

Sundays Are For Murder (01/06)

Her Special Charm (12/05)

Starting From Scratch (11/05)

She's Having a Baby (10/05)

Measure of a Man, The (09/05)

Searching for Cate (08/05)

Baby Changes Everything, A (07/05)

Because A Husband Is Forever (03/05)

Her Good Fortune (02/05)

Dangerous Disguise (01/05)

M.D.'s Surprise Family, The (12/04)

Alone in the Dark (11/04)

Bachelor, The (10/04)

In Broad Daylight (09/04)

Diamonds and Deceptions (08/04)

Immovable Objects (07/04)

Cavanaugh's Woman (06/04)

Strong Silent Type, The (05/04)

Dangerous Games (02/04)

Internal Affair (12/03)

Crime and Passion (11/03)

Racing Against Time (10/03)

Bride Wore Blue Jeans, The (09/03)

And Babies Makes Four (07/03)

Beauty and the Baby (06/03)

Baby Mission, The (05/03)

Bachelor and a Baby, A (04/03)

Billionaire and a Baby, A (03/03)

Undercover M.D. (12/02)

Mac's Bedside Manner (09/02)

M.D. Most Wanted (08/02)

In Graywolf's Hands (06/02)

Texas Rose (06/02)

Lily and the Lawman (05/02)

Disenchanted Duke, The (03/02)

Once a Father (02/02)

Triple Threat to Bachelorhood, A (01/02)

Heart of a Hero (10/01)

Abundance of Babies, An (09/01)

Inheritance, The (08/01)

Dad at Last, A (07/01)

M.D. Meets His Match, The (06/01)

Rough Around the Edges (03/01)

Hero in Her Eyes, A (02/01)

Uncommon Hero, An (01/01)

Hero for Hire (11/00)

Father Most Wanted (09/00)

Those Matchmaking Babies (08/00)

Dad by Choice (08/00)

Once and Future Father, The (07/00)

Tall, Strong and Cool Under Fire (05/00)

Found: His Perfect Wife (03/00)

Stand-In Mom (01/00)

Baby Beneath the Mistletoe, The (12/99)

Expecting...in Texas / For Her Baby's Sake (11/99)

Hero in the Nick of Time (10/99)

Baby Talk (09/99)

Forever Kind of Hero, A (08/99)

Hero for All Seasons, A (06/99)

This Heart for Hire (04/99)

Match for Morgan, A (03/99)

Never Too Late for Love (02/99)

Law and Ginny Marlow, The (01/99)

Wife in the Mail (12/98)

Will and the Headstrong Female (11/98)

Detective Dad (10/98)

One Plus One Makes Marriage (10/98)

Cowboys Are for Loving (09/98)

Suddenly..Marriage (08/98)

Cassandra (08/98)

Fiona and the Sexy Stranger (07/98)

In the Family Way (06/98)

Angus's Lost Lady (05/98)

Husband Waiting to Happen, A (03/98)

Offer She Couldn't Refuse, The (02/98)

Desperately Seeking Twin... (12/97)

Baby Came C.O.D., The (12/97)

Serena Mckee's Back in Town (11/97)

Wanted: Husband, Will Train (10/97)

Mommy and the Policeman Next Door (08/97)

Amnesiac Bride, The (06/97)

Forgotten Honeymoon (05/97)

Your Baby Or Mine? (04/97)

Traci on the Spot (03/97)

My Phony Valentine (02/97)

Christmas Bride (12/96)

Man Who Would Be Daddy, The (09/96)

Let's Get Mommy Married (05/96)

Do You Take This Child? (04/96)

Husband: Optional (03/96)

7 Lb., 2 Oz. Valentine, The (02/96)

Happy New Year - Baby! (01/96)

Baby's First Christmas (12/95)

Caitlin's Guardian Angel (09/95)

Women in Joe Sullivan's Life, The (08/95)

Father in the Making (05/95)

Brooding Angel (05/95)

Husband: Some Assembly Required (01/95)

Callaghan's Way (11/94)

Baby Times Two (10/94)

Mother on the Wing (08/94)

Moonlight Surrender (06/94)

Caution: Baby Ahead (05/94)

Baby in the Middle (05/94)

Flash and Fire (04/94)

Aunt Connie's Wedding (01/94)

Christmas Every Day (12/93)

Moonlight Lover (10/93)

Choices (10/93)

She Got Her Man (10/93)

Her Man Friday (09/93)

Family Matters (08/93)

In Her Backyard (07/93)

Heroes Great and Small (06/93)

Holding Out for a Hero (05/93)

Right Man, The (04/93)

Babies On His Mind (02/93)

World's Greatest Dad (09/92)

Father Goose (06/92)

Moonlight Rebel (03/92)

Taming of the Teen, The (01/92)

Someone to Talk to (11/91)

Sapphire and Shadow (11/91)

Man Trouble (09/91)

Blessing in Disguise (06/91)

Girl's Best Friend, A (02/91)

Undoing of Justin Starbuck, The (01/91)

Her Special Angel (09/90)

Borrowed Baby (07/90)

It Happened One Night (05/90)

Mother For Hire (11/89)

Heart To Heart (02/89)

Five-Alarm Affair (11/88)

Gift, The (07/88)

Pocketful of Rainbows (04/86)


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