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Ann Major

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Ann Major
Marriage at the Cowboy's Demand
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Dani Harper
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You can email me at contact@daniharper.com Quite simply, I adore the paranormal. I write paranormal romance, blog about the paranormal, watch paranormal TV and movies, and read paranormal books of almost any kind. Stephen King once said he'd always had a love of the unquiet coffin ... and all I can say is me too! Maybe it's a gene, but I’ve been a bigger fan of Halloween than of Christmas all my life. It was only natural that werewolves, faeries, ghosts and other supernatural creatures would turn up to populate my stories. As passionate as I am about the paranormal, I get just as excited about the printed word. I didn't read stories as a kid, I was DANIKA, DEVOURER OF BOOKS! It was also evident from an early age that I wanted to participate in the writing process (going so far as to edit all my storybooks with orange crayon). It was no surprise to anyone when I was drawn to the newspaper business, eventually working my way up to editor of a small town weekly. The year 2000 brought me a true eureka moment. I stumbled across an anthology, After Twilight, that contained a short story by Christine Feehan - Dark Dream. Up to that point, I'd had no idea that romance and the paranormal could be combined. What an incredible genre! I was instantly and completely hooked. I read my way through Feehan's sexy Carpathian series, and looked for more. I discovered other great authors too, like JR Ward, Karen Chance, Patricia Briggs, Charlaine Harris, Kate Douglas, MaryJanice Davidson and Katie MacAlister. Eventually, reading paranormal romance, even reading it a LOT, wasn’t enough. I started writing “just for fun” in my spare time. Not having much of that, I found myself getting up earlier in the morning, staying up later and later at night, writing during my lunch hour … you get the picture. I became obsessed. It was only a matter of time before I turned in my newspaper hat and became a novelist. Between exploring the paranormal on my blog and romancing the paranormal in my books, I’d found my niche. Today, I live on an island in southeast Alaska, which is an adventure considering that I spent most of my life in the rural areas of landlocked northern Canada. You see, I met this salmon fisherman and married him ... and yes, he inspires me every single day. My stories are now written on land or at sea, and I just might be the only paranormal writer in existence who has to vacuum fish scales out of her laptop.

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