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Ann Major

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Ann Major
Marriage at the Cowboy's Demand
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Long, Tall Texan Weddings: Jeb, Hank, Simon
by : Diana Palmer ,
Three previously released books in 1 volume

As free as wild mustangs, Jeb, Simon and Hank vowed never to submit to the reins of marriage. And these long, tall Texans made no excuses for being prideful, ironhearted, solitary bachelors. It was simply who these Jacobsville men were -- and who they would always be -- from the brims of their signature Stetsons to the spurs on their dusty boots. Unless, of course, a certain trio of provocative beauties -- sweetly innocent, yet sensual as a bouquet of yellow roses -- tempt these Lone Star heroes off the range . . . and into a tender, timeless embrace!

Book 1 - “Coltrain's Proposal”
Originally Published -
Date: September 1995 . . .
ISBN: 0373191030 . . .
Publisher: Silhouette Romance - # 1103
Rules of Engagement for a Long, Tall Texan!
Louise Blakely, MD: Doctor with a heartache
She didn't want to love Jeb Coltrain. The legendary Texan treated her like the enemy. And Coltrain's shocking marriage proposal demanded surrender!
Jeb Coltrain, MD: Physician on a mission
He aimed to ambush unsuspecting Louise, whose father had so cruelly betrayed him. Yet her provocative innocence lit a fire in him. And now he'd break any rule to win her, to wed her. . . .
Jeb Coltrain, MD and Louise Blakely, MD

Book 2 - “Paper Husband”
Originally Published -
In anthology: “Husbands on Horseback”
Date: October 1996 . . .
ISBN: 037303427X . . .
Publisher: Harlequin Romance - # 3427
Where is it written that a rancher's daughter has to marry a long, tall Texan - or lose the ranch? In her father's will - and Dana Mobry's just discovered that her partner in this marriage of convenience is none other than the sexiest cowboy in Texas - Hank Grant!
Hank Grant and Dana Mobry

Book 3 - “Beloved”
Originally Published -
Date: January 1999 . . .
ISBN: 0373761899 . . .
Publisher: Silhouette Desire - # 1189
"No woman will ever be allowed within striking distance of my heart!"
--Simon Hart, iron-hearted, insufferably stubborn Long, Tall Texan
He'd sworn off romantic entanglements forever. But every man had a weakness, and his was the beautiful, beguiling Tira Beck. He'd angrily labeled the flamboyant socialite a shameless flirt with a cavalier attitude about marriage -- until he learned she'd secretly saved all her love for him. Against his will, Simon became entranced by her glorious presence, her every gesture igniting him like a sweet, beckoning caress. Still, he knew the virtuous virgin wasn't about to surrender her nights to him . . . unless he became her beloved.
Simon Hart and Tira Beck

Series: Long Tall Texans
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Hart Brothers: Rey & Leo - Book
Men of the West: Harden, Evan, Donavan - Book
Hart Brothers: Simon & Callaghan - Book
Texan Lovers: Calhoun, Justin, Tyler - Book
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Long, Tall Texans: Calhoun, Justin, Tyler - Book
Long, Tall Texans II: Sutton, Ethan, Connal - Book
Long, Tall Texans III: Harden, Evan, Donavan - Book
Long Tall Texans: Emmett, Regan, Burke - Book
Long, Tall Texan Weddings: Jeb, Hank, Simon - Book
Calhoun - Book 1
Justin - Book 2
Tyler - Book 3
Sutton's Way - Book 4
Ethan - Book 5
Connal - Book 6
Harden - Book 7
Evan - Book 8
Donavan - Book 9
Emmett - Book 10
Regan's Pride - Book 11
That Burke Man - Book 12
Abduction & Seduction (Anthology) - Book 13
Abduction & Seduction (Anthology) - Book 13
Coltrain's Proposal - Book 14
Husbands on Horseback (Anthology) - Book 15
Long Tall Texan Summer, A - Book 16
Lone Star Christmas (Anthology) - Book 17
Beloved - Book 18
Callaghan's Bride - Book 19
Love With a Long Tall Texan - Book 20
Matt Caldwell: Texas Tycoon - Book 21
Man of Means, A - Book 22
Lionhearted - Book 23
Man in Control - Book 24
Hero's Kiss, A (Anthology) - Book 25
Cattleman's Pride - Book 26
Carrera's Bride - Book 27
Boss Man - Book 28
Heartbreaker - Book 29
Winter Roses (reissue) - Book 30
Winter Roses - Book 30
Iron Cowboy - Book 31
Heart of Stone - Book 32
Maverick, The - Book 33
Dangerous (Hardcover) - Book 34
Dangerous (paperback) - Book 34
True Blue - Book 35
Protector, The (hardcover) - Book 36
Protector (reissue) - Book 44
Desperado - Book 45
Untamed (hardcover) - Book 46

Long, Tall Texan Weddings: Jeb, Hank, Simon

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Publish Date:
November 2001
Anthology- Contemporary

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