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I Brake For Bad Boys (Anthology)
by : Lori Foster ,
Janelle Denison,
Lori Foster (Bk 3 Truth or Dare series),
Shannon McKenna.

You know who they are — the ones who drive you wild with temptation. Who charm your grandmothers with one hand on your . . . assets. Who can reveal your deepest dreams and forbidden fantasies with just a look. Dive into these three erotic tales and discover men who are mad, bad and dangerous to know. But who would want them any other way?

Book 1 -
Janelle Denison — Something Wilde
Jill Richardson made a vow never to mix business with pleasure...but that was before spending long days working side-by-side with the devastingly handsome Eric Wilde, a man who is rumored to live up to his name. Eric makes no secret of wanting Jill in his bed and he's offering a tempting promise — at work they can maintain a professional relationship. After hours, however, they'll engage in erotic games that go beyond all the boundaries to a place where every forbidden desire is fulfilled, every seductive pleasure explored…

Book 2 -
Lori Foster — Drive Me Wild
Truth or Dare series - Book 3
Strong, assertive, and wisecracking, Erica Lee is used to having the upper hand in business and in her love life. The problem is, most men are too intimidated by her to stick around for long. When her best friends dare her to find a sex slave to fulfil her every whim, Erica sets her sights on sexy, mischievous Ian Conrad. The dominating Ian isn't afraid of a strong woman like Erica — and he's been waiting for an opportunity to indulge in a few fantasies with her. Soon he's got Erica at his mercy, turning every request into a tantalizing match of seduction that leaves her begging for more . . . and loving every minute of it!

Book 3 -
Shannon McKenna — Touch Me
Tess Langley's been hurt by love before. That's why the voluptuous brunette prefers to keep her look low- maintenance and concentrate on her work as a message therapist. She can tell by the scratch marks on gorgeous Jonah Markham's back that the rich playboy is exactly the sort of man she should avoid, but when he offers to pay her an outrageous sum of money to tend to his guests at his luxurious mountain hideaway, she can't say no. Except Jonah has no intention of sharing Tess with anyone else, and though he's promised to be a good boy, she has no idea just how good he can be!
Books listed alphabetically by author.

Series: Truth or Dare series
Truth or Dare (Anthology) - Book
All Through The Night (Anthology) - Book 1
Kiss Me Again (Anthology) - Book 1
I Love Bad Boys (Anthology) - Book 2
I Brake For Bad Boys (Anthology) - Book 3

I Brake For Bad Boys (Anthology)

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Kensington Brava
Publish Date:
November 2002
Anthology- Contemporary

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