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13 Days of Luck
by : Lacey Dancer

Book 3 - Pippa series
Lucky in Love
Although her fans eagerly awaited her next best-selling novel, author Pippa Weldon was suffering from a nasty case of writer's block. The only cure was a trip; a journey to a new place usually changed her perspective and brought her characters back to life. Before the week's end, Pippa had booked a Caribbean cruise with an unusual theme: the travel agent called it a psychic cruise. Pippa was sure it was just the thing to break the spell of boredom that had taken the edge from her writing.

She found inspiration the minute she encountered fellow passenger Joshua Luck. Not only was he a handsome, forty-eight-year-old millionaire, Joshua was a MAN in capital letters, a forceful, decisive individual. Although Pippa longed to learn some of the more intimate details of Joshua Luck, she wasn't interested in a shipboard romance. Pippa was searching for a passion that would last a lifetime; she had no use for 13 days of Joshua Luck.

Tall, imposing Joshua had come on the cruise to make amends with his estranged brother. After years spent barreling down the narrow path of success, Joshua realized that his glitzy world was wearing thin. He'd never expected to fall for a woman like Pippa, a silver-haired vixen with an impetuous sense of style. In her sky-blue eyes Joshua spied her soul, so clear, so bright, so infinite. She was all wrong for him, definitely not his type. So why did he find her utterly irresistible?
Kismet Romance - # 59

Series: Pippa series
Lacey Dancer Quartet (Anthology) - Book
Silent Enchantment - Book 1
Diamond on Ice - Book 2
13 Days of Luck - Book 3
Flight of the Swan - Book 4
Baby Makes Five - Book 5
Forever Joy - Book 6
Lightning Strikes Twice - Book 7
His Woman's Gift - Book 8

13 Days of Luck

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Meteor - Kismet
Publish Date:
September 1991
Contemporary: Exotic- Secluded or Wilderness Locale

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