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Lisa Jackson

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Witness, The
by : Ginna Gray

In an instant, Lauren Brownly's life is forever changed ...

... when she accidentally witnesses an execution-style murder by none other than her boss, Carlos Biovessi.

Lauren is stunned to learn from the Denver police and the F.B.I. that the kindly old gentleman who had come to her aid after a car accident ended her career as a rising concert pianist, is Denver's biggest crime boss.

Lauren's testimony can bring down Carlos's organization and put the vicious old man away for life, which makes her his prime target. Lauren's life has been turned upside down once already. She can't bear the thought that she must now give up the new life she has struggled to build for herself, as well. However, she has no choice; she must flee for her life and enter the Witness Protection Program.

Special Agent Sam Gray Wolf Rawlins is assigned the job of getting her out of Denver and keeping her safe until the trial. Believing the allegations that Lauren is Carlos's latest mistress, Sam resents drawing the assignment, and the unwelcome pull of attraction he feels for Lauren. As a result, his attitude toward her is cold and harsh. The FBI agent frightens Lauren almost as much as Carlos, but he is her only hope for survival.

Soon, when their small plane crashes in the mountains during a blizzard, Lauren and Sam must rely on one another. They are stranded in the frozen wilderness with hit men hot on their trail. As they run for their lives, danger is closing in from all sides. Not only are Carlos's henchmen trying to kill them, there is a traitor in the ranks of the FBI There is no one to whom they can turn, no one they dare trust, no where they can hide ... except in a world he left behind long ago ....


Witness, The

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MIRA Books
Publish Date:
September 2001
Suspense: Mafia- Mob- Mobster

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