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Under His Skin (Anthology)
by : Lori Foster ,
Linda Lael Miller,
Carla Neggers.
Listed alphabetically by author.

Book 1 -
Lori Foster: "Outrageous."
reissue - Originally Published -
Date: April 1997 . . .
ISBN: 0373257295 . . .
Publisher: Harlequin Temptation # 629
He was totally outrageous!
One minute, the sexy-as-sin cop was rescuing Emily Cooper from drunken hoodlums. Five minutes later he was tearing his clothes off in front of a group of voracious women. What kind of man was he – and why couldn't Emily keep her hands off him?
She was totally irresistible!
Judd Saunders couldn't believe it when beautiful, wide-eyed Emily started poking her gorgeous little nose into his dealing on the lower east side. She was obviously a menace to herself – and to his libido. Worse she'd blow his cover. For little did Emily know that Judd really was a cop – whose cover left him a little too "uncovered" for his liking . . .

Book 2 -
Linda Lael Miller: "Snowflakes on the Sea."
Mallory O’connor Mckendrick.
To the daytime TV audience she was the ruthless Other Woman, but the real Mallory's marriage seemed to be falling victim to a woman who was truly as unprincipled as the character Mallory played. Nathan Mckendrick.
His songs could set the world on fire, but he couldn't find the words to tell his wife how much he loved her – and no one else.
Their love for each other was still strong, but could they find their way back together through the emotional storm that raged around them?

Book 3 -
Carla Neggers: "Bewitching."
Just like Romeo and Juliet . . .
At long last, writer Hannah Marsh had found the perfect man. Win Harling was a gorgeous, successful businessman, and they seemed like a perfect match. But things weren't perfect for long. As luck would have it, their families had been feuding for three hundred years.
They both thought they could bury the hatchet. Yeah, in Win's thick skull, Hannah decided when he accused her of writing a book that would smear his family's name. Suddenly it felt right to step into the traditional marsh vs. Harling roles. Loving Win had felt so right and now it was going so wrong. Would they end up in each other's arms - or at each other's throat?

Books listed alphabetically by author.


Under His Skin (Anthology)

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Harlequin HQN Books
Publish Date:
January 2003
Anthology- Contemporary

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