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Wyoming Winter
by : Judy Christenberry

The Randall Saga Begins . . .

The Randalls are a family forged by indestructible bonds, unquestioning loyalty and everlasting brotherhood. But they are also single men . . . and the long, cold winter is approaching . . . fast!
So what's the eldest Randall sibling to do? His only recourse is to find brides for all of his brothers. And the resulting matrimonial matchmaking is guaranteed to be full of surprises.

Bestselling author Judy Christenberry delivers two full-length novels -- together for the first time in one volume.

Book 1 - "Cowboy Cupid."
Original Publish Date: October 1996 . . . ISBN: 0373166494 . . .
Harlequin American Romance - HAR # 649
From the minute she stepped foot on the ranch, Megan Chase saw filled-out denim and worn leather everywhere. The Randall men dripped testosterone! But it was the smooth-talkin', fast-ridin' "baby" of the family who got her in his sights.
Chad Randall appreciated the female form same as all his three brothers. He just didn't want to marry it! Little did he know big brother Jake meant to marry them off – one at a time.

Book 2 - "Cowboy Daddy."
Original Publish Date: November 1996 . . . ISBN: 0373166532 . . .
Harlequin American Romance - HAR # 653
This cowboy had no intention of being a groom. . .
Until he found out he was going to be a daddy! But by then, Janie Dawson refused to marry him. Women! None of the four Randall brothers ever did understand them, and Pete was no exception.
But when Janie found out she was carrying twins, she had no choice but to agree – with her own stipulations, all designed to make their bedroom colder than the frigid Wyoming winter!
Little did Pete know, getting her to marry him was nothing compared to living with her . . . and keeping his hands off !

Series: Randalls
Cowboy Cupid - Book 1
Cowboy Daddy - Book 2
Cowboy Groom - Book 3
Cowboy Surrender - Book 4
Cowboy Come Home - Book 5
Randall Pride - Book 6
Wyoming Winter - Book 7
Randall Riches - Book 8
Summer Skies - Book 9
Randall Honor - Book 10
Unbreakable Bonds - Book 11
Randall Wedding - Book 12
Randall Renegade - Book 13
Randall Returns, A - Book 14
Randall on the Run - Book 15
Randall Thanksgiving, A - Book 16
Randall Hero, A - Book 17

Wyoming Winter

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Harlequin American Romance
Publish Date:
March 2002
Contemporary: General Romance

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