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Hawk's Way Brides (Anthology)
by : Joan Johnston ,
Three previously released books now in 1 volume

A true master of Western romance, Joan Johnston has lassoed readers with her delightful Hawk's Way series. Now three best-loved favorites from the popular family saga — The Unforgiving Bride, The Headstrong Bride and The Disobedient Bride — are available in this limited edition hardcover . . .

"The Disobedient Bride"
HEARTLESS HUSBAND?: Texas rancher Zach Whitelaw advertised for a wife to bear his children -- but if she wasn't pregnant in a year's time, he'd divorce her.DISOBEDIENT BRIDE?: Six months into their marriage, Rebecca Littlewolf Whitelaw's tummy was as flat as it was on her wedding day. EXPECTED BABY?: Short of stuffing a pillow under her shirt, what was a wife in love supposed to do? Zach had dreamed of four little Whitelaws running around Hawk's Pride ranch. But no matter how many long, lazy hours he and his bride spent in their marriage bed, no matter how much hoping he did, there was still no baby. And no baby meant no Rebecca, right?

"The Headstrong Bride"
THE HOT-TEMPERED HUSBAND: Rancher Sam Longstreet planned to woo and wed the innocent daughter of his enemy -- all in the name of sweet revenge. And he knew just how to make Callen Whitelaw fall in love with him.... THE HEADSTRONG BRIDE: Callen didn't know why everyone thought Sam was no good. There wasn't a man in all of Texas as sexy, kind and thoughtful as her husband-to-be. Surely marriage would soften up his rough edges.... THE HONEYMOON: In his great plan, Sam hadn't counted on loving his headstrong bride!

"The Unforgiving Bride"
"NO WAY I'M EVER GETTING MARRIED!" This was rancher Falcon Whitelaw's favorite phrase. Until he heard himself say, "I do" to widowed mother Mara Ainsworth -- a woman who hated his guts and was marrying him only for his medical insurance! No more women, no more sex, no more nothing! But one look into her sick little daughter's eyes reminded Falcon of who was really suffering. And for the first time in his life, he found himself praying -- for a woman's love and a child's life!


Hawk's Way Brides (Anthology)

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Harlequin HQN Books
Publish Date:
February 2006
Anthology- Contemporary

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