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Star Keeper
by : Patricia Potter

In 1777, Pennsylvania is a divided colony between loyalty to the crown and backers of the revolutionaries. Annette Carey gains a first hand taste of what being on the wrong side means. Friends and neighbors accuse Annette and her father of treason as they remain supporters of the crown. The mob tars and feathers her father, and burns their home to the ground. Annette vows to never trust anyone ever again.

The British navy and merchants hate John Patrick Sutherland, the Star Rider, for his successful raids and forays on their ships. During a battle near Philadelphia, John is severely wounded. His first mate takes him to his half-brother, Dr. Noel Marsh, a royalist. After providing treatment, Noel escorts John to the Carey home, a place where Annette runs a hospital. Noel lies to the loyalist by stating his patient is a British officer. As John and Annette fall in love, he hates himself for lying to her. When she learns the truth, she will probably never forgive his deception.

When a historical romance receives the Potter treatment, readers know that the story line is pure action and excitement, and the characters are wonderful. STAR KEEPER gets the full Potter treatment as the plot never lets up from beginning to end. It also leaves readers with a taste of the division in the American colonies during the Revolutionary War era. John's inner turmoil feels so real, the audience will want to both throttle and hug him. The secondary cast brings the era into further perspective. Pat Potter shows her star status with another keeper.

Series: Star Trilogy
Starcatcher - Book 1
Starfinder - Book 2
Star Keeper - Book 3

Star Keeper

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Bantam Books
Publish Date:
September 1999
Historical: American - (1775-1800) Revolution

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