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Target, The
by : Catherine Coulter

Catherine Coulter's sensational contemporary suspense novels The Cove and The Maze were gripping enough to establish Coulter firmly in the genre, hailed Publishers Weekly. Now, with The Target, Coulter again lays claim to the territory where romance and terror intersect. Hoping to escape unwanted celebrity in the aftermath of a notorious incident, Ramsey Hunt settles in the Rockies, determined to bury himself in the safety of a solitary existence. But his isolation is shattered when he stumbles upon a small girl unconscious in the high-altitude forest. When strangers pursue Ramsey to his private meadow in an attempt to kill him and the girl, he's mystified that anyone would wish her harm. And the child can't shed any light on the subject: she's mute. Molly Santana, the girl's mother, catches up with Ramsey and her daughter, mistaking her daughter's savior for a kidnapper. But soon Ramsey's real role becomes clear. With the strangers in pursuit, the trio flee to Chicago for sanctuary. Even there, however, the child's enemies prove as relentless as their motives are baffling. With an unexpected assist from FBI agents Dillon Savich and Lacey Sherlock (last seen in The Maze), Molly and Ramsey begin to unravel the clues, and in the process they make an astonishing discovery as to the true nature of the target.

Series: FBI Suspense Thriller Series
Cove, The - Book 1
Maze, The - Book 2
Target, The - Book 3
Edge, The - Book 4
Riptide - Book 5
Hemlock Bay - Book 6
Eleventh Hour - Book 7
Blindside - Book 8
Blow Out - Book 9
Point Blank (Hardcover) - Book 10
Point Blank (paperback) - Book 10
Double Take - Book 11
Tailspin - Book 12
Knock Out (Hardcover) - Book 13
Knock Out (paperback) - Book 13
Whiplash (paperback) - Book 14
Split Second (paperback) - Book 15
Split Second (hardcover) - Book 15
Backfire (hardcover) - Book 16
Backfire (paperback) - Book 16
Bombshell (hardcover) - Book 17
Bombshell (paperback) - Book 17
Power Play (hardcover) - Book 18
Power Play (paperback) - Book 18
Nemesis (hardcover) - Book 19

Target, The

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Berkley Jove
Publish Date:
September 1999
Suspense: Kidnapping or Missing Person

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