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Scandalous Marriage, A
by : Debbie Raleigh

After forty years of devoted service, Vicar Humbly is eager to retire to his pleasant cottage and tend to his garden. But before he can live in peace, he must salve his conscience by traveling to the homes of three couples whose marriages have troubled him. Though he is a man of the cloth, Vicar Humbly knows that desire sometimes needs a little help from unexpected places . . . and that he may have to be less the Vicar, and more Cupid's emissary.

An Unwilling Bride . . .
Ravishing Victoria Mallory knew exactly what she wanted in a husband . . . someone gentle and gallant with the soul of a poet. And when she met a man who seemed to embody her every romantic ideal, she counted herself most fortunate. But when Victoria decides to elope, her luck runs out. For a wicked mix-up leaves her locked in a delicious midnight embrace . . . with the wrong man! Now, to avert a scandal, Victoria must wed an arrogant, unyielding, darkly seductive rogue who is definitely no gentleman.

An Unrepentant Groom . . .
This was no marriage, this was war! For years, Julius, Lord Claredon had avoided the parson’s mousetrap. But now, to his fury, the rakishly handsome lord finds himself well and truly leg-shackled. It doesn’t help that his new bride is the most opinionated female who’s ever crossed his path. Or that, try as he may, he cannot ignore the desire she so artlessly provokes. Yet even as Julius wonders if he’ll ever find peace again, a mysterious intruder breaches the Claredon estate. Now Julius and his willful bride must put aside their differences . . . long enough to avert a deadly peril, and discover a priceless love.

Series: Marriage Trilogy
Proper Marriage, A - Book 1
Convenient Marriage, A - Book 2
Scandalous Marriage, A - Book 3

Scandalous Marriage, A

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Zebra Regency Romance
Publish Date:
March 2003
Regency: Marriage of Convenience- Marriage Proposal

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