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To Trust (Hardcover)
by : Carolyn Brown

Dee Hooper and Jack Brewer grew up next door to each other in sleepy Buckhorn Corner, Oklahoma. From the time they were less than a year old they'd been best friends, but then Dee eloped with a man from Pennsylvania. Seven years later, she's brought a broken heart back home to her dysfunctional family: Roxie, the grandmother, who runs the family with an attitude of steel; Mimosa, the mother, who's been married so many times she's forgotten half of them; Tally, the sister who's in the county jail for writing hot checks; Bodine, Tally's daughter, who's been raised by Rosie just like Dee and Tally were; and Jack, the boy next door who's always loved Dee. Jack was the computer geek in high school, and he's turned that knowledge into a lucrative business--one that allows him to continue to run the convenience store in town, which he loves. He's content, selling picnic supplies and bait to the fishermen and campers. But there's a hole in his heart, and the only person who can fill it is Dee Hooper. Then one hot summer day she appears, and he's determined not to let her hurt him or get away again. With Dee and Jack battling past hurts and fears, they try to reclaim their lifelong friendship and trust again, each secretly hoping they'll be more than just friends this time around.

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To Trust (Hardcover)

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Avalon Books
Publish Date:
March 2008
Contemporary: Small- Sleepy Town

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