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To Dream (Hardcover)
by : Carolyn Brown

Greta Fields had planned to stay one night in Murray County, Oklahoma, to attend her brother's wedding, even though she thought he was making the biggest mistake of his life for the second time. But on her way out of town, she caused a three car pileup when she dropped her cell phone and tried to retrieve it while traveling ninety miles an hour. For her crime, she was forced to serve four months of community service in Sulphur, Oklahoma, with none other than that policeman she'd had words with at the reception acting as her escort to and from work. She almost opted for six months in jail rather than have to deal with him every day.

Kyle Parsons, a rancher and policeman in Sulphur, had looked across the outdoor wedding reception and figured he was staring at an angel straight from heaven. It didn't take him long to realize his first impression was dead wrong when it came to Greta Fields. His truck and trailer were part of the three vehicle pileup the morning after the wedding, and he lost a prize Angus bull that he hadn't had time to insure. To add insult to injury, the judge put him in charge of taking Greta to and from her community service job. He would have rather dealt with a hungry rattlesnake than that spoiled brat of a woman.

Greta can't wait to get back to her city life, and Kyle can't wait for her to go. Somehow their hearts didn't get the message.

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To Dream (Hardcover)

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Avalon Books
Publish Date:
July 2009
Contemporary: Antagonists Turned Romantic

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