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Lisa Jackson

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Lisa Jackson
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Kat Richardson
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Kat Richardson is a cross-genre writer, creating a combination of Science Fiction/Fantasy and Mystery/Crime no matter how hard she tries to write something else--although she has tried her hand at a bit of almost everything else, as well. She dabbles in other text forms and media including: RPGs (Moon Elves); Film (The Glove); Computer Games (T2X); and Comics (Dangerous Days); as well as creating and maintaining this website; and taking a few abortive runs at Flash (The Pigeon of Death) and Photo Manipulation (Kat Nap). She used to read the "Sunday Funnies" for the Evergreen Radio Reading Service in Seattle--part of the Washington Talking Book and Braille Library and has put in her time as a Renaissance Faire dancer and costumer, as well as fencing and other anachronistic practices.

Kat was born in California--the second of three precocious children--and survived growing up in a small college town under the LA smog shield long enough to earn a BA in Magazine Editing from Cal. State Long Beach. She worked in the magazine business in LA for a while, then moved on to curriculum writing and editing for the Gemological Institute of America. Later, she moved to Seattle and added Technical Editing to her skills.

Her father was an English teacher with a degree in Classical Literature whose first bed-time story to his kids was reading aloud from a translation of The Odyssey. She claims to have started her fiction career by telling fantastic lies to friends and family, and wrote her first short story in First Grade--it was called The Pickle Bush, since Kat was then ignorant of the origin of pickles. She does better research now and confines lying to more acceptable forms of fiction.

Always a reader of Science Fiction and Fantasy as well as Mystery books, Kat also watches a lot of film in both genres, with a particular affection for old films noir. History, Social Phenomena, Science, English Literature, and Noir-anything round out her reading.

Kat currently lives on a sailboat in Seattle with her husband and a ferret named Taz. She rides a motorcycle, shoots target pistol, and has been known to Swing dance, sing, and spend insufficient time at the gym. She does not have a TV because she has no room for one. And, although she no longer lives there, she is an advocate of California Ferret Legalization.

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Photo: Kat Richardson
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