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Lisa Jackson

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Lisa Jackson
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Lynne Graham
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I'm Irish
I'm a Leo - born July 30
I started to read at the age of 3, haven't stopped since then.
I hated school, enjoyed university
I first met my husband when I was 14 but we had a rocky path to the altar
I wrote my first romance at 15 but couldn't find a buyer!
I have five children, one natural, four adopted from Sri Lanka and Guatemala
I live in the country and have five acres of wild woodland garden
My first book was published in 1987
There are over 10 million of my books in print worldwide
My favourite colour is green
I'm addicted to kids, books, chocolate, baths in candlelight, log fires and four poster beds
I love exploring historic houses, castles and beautiful gardens
I collect everything from rare trees to rock specimens and old toys.
I'm interested in international adoption and post-adoption/ multi-cultural issues
I am crazy about Christmas
I love being a writer when the book is going well, hate it like poison when it's not
I read a newspaper every day
I listen to dance music in the car
I don't like romantic movies with unhappy endings.

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Photo: Lynne Graham
Website Links
Book Series
A Bride for a Billionaire
Brides of L'Amour
Husband Hunters
Marriage By Command
Pregnant Brides
Secretly Pregnant Conveniently Wed
Sister Brides
The Drakos Baby
The Rich, the Ruthless and the Real series
The Volakis Vow
Virgin Brides, Arrogant Husbands
Book List
Dimitrakos Proposition, The (01/14)

Challenging Dante (09/13)

Challenging Dante (large print) (09/13)

Billionaire's Trophy, The (large print) (08/13)

Billionaire's Trophy, The (08/13)

Sheikh's Prize, The (06/13)

Sheikh's Prize, The (large print) (06/13)

Rich Man's Whim, A (large print) (05/13)

Rich Man's Whim, A (05/13)

Spanish Billioniare's Pregnant Wife, The (reissue) (03/13)

Ring to Secure His Heir, A (01/13)

Ring to Secure His Heir, A (large print) (01/13)

Unlocking Her Innocence (11/12)

Unlocking Her Innocence (large print) (11/12)

Christmas Promises (reissue) (10/12)

Secrets She Carried, The (08/12)

Vow of Obligation, A (06/12)

Vow of Obligation, A (large print) (06/12)

Deal at the Altar, A (05/12)

Deal at the Altar, A (large print) (05/12)

Roccanti's Marriage Revenge (04/12)

Roccanti's Marriage Revenge (large print) (04/12)

Jewel in His Crown (large print) (11/11)

Jewel in His Crown (11/11)

Bride for Real (09/11)

Bride for Real (large print) (09/11)

Arabian Mistress, The / Contaxis Baby, The (reissue) (08/11)

Marriage Betrayal, The (large print) (08/11)

Marriage Betrayal, The (08/11)

Jess's Promise (05/11)

Flora's Defiance (04/11)

Jemima's Secret (03/11)

Convenient Arrangement, A : The Italian's Wife/ The Spanish Groom (reissue) (02/11)

Stormy Greek Marriage, A (12/10)

Pregnancy Shock, The (11/10)

Virgin on Her Wedding Night (05/10)

Greek Tycoon, Inexperienced Mistress (03/10)

Ruthless Magnate, Convenient Wife (02/10)

Desert Prince, Bride of Innocence (01/10)

Desert Prince, Bride of Innocence (Large Print) (01/10)

Greek Tycoon's Blackmailed Mistress, The (07/09)

Ruthless Magnate's Virgin Mistress, The (01/09)

Greek Tycoon's Disobedient Bride, The (12/08)

Italian Billionaire's Pregnant Bride, The (03/08)

Greek Tycoon's Defiant Bride, The (Large Print) (02/08)

Greek Tycoon's Defiant Bride, The (02/08)

Desert Sheikh's Captive Wife, The (01/08)

Petrakos Bride, The (08/07)

Arabian Marriage, An [reissue] (07/07)

Mediterranean Weddings (04/07)

Italian's Inexperienced Mistress, The (04/07)

Italian's Inexperienced Mistress, The (04/07)

Dark Angel (03/07)

Ballyflynn (01/07)

Reluctant Mistress, Blackmailed Wife (UK) (12/06)

Reluctant Mistress, Blackmailed Wife (11/06)

Mistress Bought and Paid For (08/06)

Greek's Chosen Wife, The (03/06)

Sheikh's Innocent Bride, The (01/06)

Married By Arrangement (07/05)

Greek Tycoon's Convenient Mistress, The (02/05)

Mistress Wife, The (11/04)

Stephanides Pregnancy, The (05/04)

Banker's Convenient Wife, The (03/04)

Italian Boss's Mistress, The (01/04)

Frenchman's Love-Child, The (11/03)

Contaxis Baby, The (07/03)

Dark Angel (03/03)

Pursuit, The (02/03)

Her Italian Boss (02/03)

Mediterranean Marriage, A (01/03)

Heiress Bride, The (11/02)

Disobedient Mistress, The (10/02)

Arabian Marriage, An (09/02)

Italian's Wife, The (03/02)

Rafaello's Mistress (12/01)

Christmas with a Latin Lover (UK-Anthology) (10/01)

Duarte's Child (09/01)

Arabian Mistress, The (06/01)

Damiano's Return (03/01)

Sicilian's Mistress, The (11/00)

Don Joaquin's Pride (09/00)

Cozakis Bride, The (05/00)

Expectant Bride (03/00)

One Night with His Wife (01/00)

Spanish Groom, The (07/99)

Contract Baby (06/99)

Vengeful Husband, The (02/99)

Married to a Mistress (01/99)

Winter Bride, The (11/98)

Reluctant Husband, The (08/98)

Secret Wife, The (06/98)

Mistress and Mother (02/98)

Heat of Passion, The (12/97)

Second-Time Bride (06/97)

Desert Bride, The (04/97)

Prisoner of Passion (02/97)

Trophy Husband, The (09/96)

Savage Betrayal, A (07/96)

Crime of Passion (02/96)

Unfaithful Wife, The (12/95)

Bond of Hatred (08/95)

Indecent Deception (05/95)

Angel of Darkness (01/95)

Vengeful Passion, A (11/94)

Tempestuous Reunion (05/93)

Fiery Baptism, A (09/92)

Insatiable Passion, An (11/91)

Arabian Courtship, An (11/90)

Veranchetti Marriage, The (05/89)

Bittersweet Passion (06/88)


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