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Ann Major

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Ann Major
Marriage at the Cowboy's Demand
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Rebecca Winters
Pseudonym/s: Rebecca Burton
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Rebecca Winters, born on February 14, is known as "The Harlequin Valentine."

I went through a back door to begin my writing career. In the first place, I never liked to write anything, only those papers mandatory for school. Before I turned thirty, if anyone had told me I would become a writer, let alone love it, I would have laughed and dismissed the notion as absolutely absurd and preposterous.

Having said that, I did write letters to my parents while I was away at boarding school in Switzerland when I was seventeen because I promised them I would. My mother kept them, and one day in Spokane, Washington, when I was thirty, and had become a mother for the second time, she sent me all my old letters and asked me to write my memoirs from them for posterity. At the time, I thought she was insane, but because I adore my mother I did as she asked. By the time I’d finished sorting through all those teenage thoughts, observations and opinions, the seeds of a story had begun to form in my mind. That seed eventually became a novel and was published in 1978 by Leisure Books. It was called, By Love Divided, a World War II adventure love story. After I sent that off, I finished a second novel, The Loving Season which came out in 1979, and takes place in Switzerland and France. Both books were published under my own name, Rebecca Burton.

A few years later, Harlequin Romance bought my first novel for them entitled, Blind To Love, a story that takes place in Kenya, under the name Rebecca Winters. It’s been a love affair ever since.

Never underestimate a mother's intuition!

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Photo: Rebecca Winters
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Book List
Cowboy's Heart, A (08/14)

Expecting the Prince's Baby (05/14)

In a Cowboy's Arms (04/14)

Greek's Tiny Miracle, The (large print) (01/14)

Marry Me Under the Mistletoe (large print) (11/13)

Her Wyoming Hero (10/13)

Vow, The (reissue) (09/13)

Home to Wyoming (09/13)

Marriage Made in Italy, A (large print) (08/13)

Marriage Made in Italy, A (ebook) (08/13)

Wyoming Cowboy, The (05/13)

Along Came Twins... (large print) (04/13)

Baby Out of the Blue (02/13)

Baby Out of the Blue (large print) (02/13)

Count's Christmas Baby, The (11/12)

Count's Christmas Baby, The (large print) (11/12)

Texas Ranger's Reward, The (10/12)

Rancher's Housekeeper, The (07/12)

Rancher's Housekeeper, The (large print) (07/12)

Marshal's Prize, The (04/12)

Bride for the Island Prince, A (02/12)

Bride for the Island Prince, A (large print) (02/12)

Seal's Promise, The (01/12)

Texas Ranger's Christmas, A (11/11)

Snowbound With her Hero (large print) (11/11)

Snowbound With her Hero (11/11)

Her Italian Soldier (large print) (10/11)

Her Italian Soldier (10/11)

Ranger Daddy (08/11)

And Baby Makes Three (06/11)

Her Desert Prince (05/11)

Nanny and the CEO, The (02/11)

Bachelor Ranger, The (01/11)

Santa in a Stetson (11/10)

Accidentally Pregnant! (09/10)

Doorstep Twins (08/10)

Strangers When We Meet (reissue) (08/10)

Walker: The Rodeo Legend (06/10)

Miracle for the Girl Next Door (06/10)

Mother's Wedding Day, A (04/10)

Cinderella on His Doorstep (02/10)

Greek's Long-Lost Son, The (10/09)

Ranger's Secret, The (09/09)

Brooding Frenchman's Proposal, The (07/09)

Chief Ranger, The (06/09)

Italian Groom, Princess Bride (03/09)

Royal Marriage Arrangement, The (02/09)

Crazy About Her Spanish Boss (09/08)

Italian Playboy's Secret Son, The (05/08)

Italian Tycoon And the Nanny, The (03/08)

Vow, The (01/08)

Duke's Baby, The (10/07)

Lazaridis Marriage, The (07/07)

Matrimony With His Majesty (04/07)

Bride of Montefalco, The (12/06)

Bride of Montefalco, The (UK) (12/06)

Having The Frenchman's Baby (08/06)

Meant-To-Be Marriage (05/06)

Meant-To-Be Marriage (UK Edition) (04/06)

Father By Choice (02/06)

Their New-Found Family (11/05)

Husband By Request (07/05)

Daughter's Return, The (06/05)

Here Comes the Bride (Anthology) (05/05)

To Marry For Duty (03/05)

Somebody's Daughter (02/05)

To Win His Heart (01/05)

To Catch a Groom (11/04)

To Be a Mother (10/04)

Baby Proposal, The (08/04)

Woman In Hiding (06/04)

Rafael's Convenient Proposal (05/04)

Frenchman's Bride, The (01/04)

Forbidden Marriage, The (10/03)

Manhattan Merger (07/03)

Home To Copper Mountain (05/03)

Rush to the Altar (04/03)

Bride Fit for a Prince (03/03)

Another Man's Wife (02/03)

Tycoon's Proposition, The (12/02)

Baby Dilemma, The (07/02)

His Majesty's Marriage (Anthology) (06/02)

She's My Mom (06/02)

Bridegroom's Vow, The (03/02)

Beneath a Texas Sky (01/02)

Claiming His Baby (10/01)

My Private Detective (08/01)

Husband for a Year (08/01)

Toddler's Tale, The (06/01)

Accidentally Yours (04/01)

Baby Discovery, The (02/01)

His Very Own Baby (01/01)

Billionaire and the Baby, The (12/00)

Faithful Bride, The (08/00)

Unknown Sister, The (05/00)

Husband Potential (01/00)

Family Way, The (11/99)

If He Could See Me Now (06/99)

Undercover Baby (05/99)

Undercover Bachelor (04/99)

Undercover Fiancée (03/99)

Deborah's Son (10/98)

Bride by Day (09/98)

Baby in a Million (05/98)

Until There Was You (04/98)

Undercover Husband (01/98)

No Wife Required! (10/97)

Laura's Baby (09/97)

Second-Best Wife (06/97)

Strangers When We Meet (04/97)

Three Little Miracles (02/97)

Blind to Love (Anthology) (01/97)

Kit and the Cowboy (08/96)

Not Without My Child (06/96)

Badlands Bride, The (05/96)

Return to Sender (12/95)

Man for All Time, A (07/95)

Baby Business, The (05/95)

Wrong Twin, The (03/95)

Nutcracker Prince, The (12/94)

Bride of My Heart (08/94)

Mermaid Wife, The (05/94)

Rancher and the Redhead, The (09/93)

Hero on the Loose (05/93)

Meant for Each Other (10/92)

Both of Them (07/92)

Marriage Bracelet, The (04/92)

Rescued Heart (11/91)

Blackie's Woman (08/91)

Rites of Love (04/91)

Story Princess, The (11/90)

Fully Involved (04/90)

Blind to Love (01/89)


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