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Lisa Jackson

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Lisa Jackson
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Wendy Corsi Staub
Pseudonym/s: Wendy Markham, Wendy Morgan, and Wendy Brody
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Wendy Corsi Staub grew up in the "snow belt" in western New York State. When her third grade teacher praised her essay about Abraham Lincoln, Wendy was inspired and decided then and there that she would become an author when she grew up. With that goal in mind, she worked part-time in two local bookstores and majored in English with a minor in Creative Writing at the State University of New York. At 21, she moved alone to New York City to become the proverbial starving writer. She worked, at various times, as a telemarketer, an advertising assistant on a condom account, receptionist at a fashion showroom, romance novel editor, and, chillingly in retrospect, as an office temp on a high floor of the World Trade Center. At 27, Wendy sold her first novel-which went on to win an RWA Rita award for Best Young Adult Novel-to Harper, a few months after she married a NY advertising executive. They moved for four years to New England, where they lived by the sea and Wendy sold more than a dozen novels. After the birth of their first child, they were homesick for New York City and returned, buying a house and settling in the suburbs. They soon had a second child. Wendy's career broadened to include ghostwriting for several well-known authors, including Fabio; co-authoring a mystery series with former New York City mayor Ed Koch; and publishing books in diverse genres such as historical and contemporary romance, television and movie tie-in, biography, suspense, and horror. Today, Wendy is officially a soccer mom, and the author of more than fifty published novels under her own name and three pseudonyms: Wendy Markham, Wendy Morgan, and Wendy Brody. She has been featured on the New York Times Extended Bestsellers List, the USA Today Top 50 Bestseller list, and Barnes and Noble's Top Ten Mass Market List. She was honored as one of Westchester County's Millennial authors in November, 2000, and her suspense novel IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE was awarded the Washington Irving Prize for fiction. Her suspense novel THE LAST TO KNOW was a nominee for the Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award. Her first chick lit effort, SLIGHTLY SINGLE, written under the pseudonym Wendy Markham, was a Waldenbooks Best Book of 2002. Wendy is still in touch with her third grade teacher, who, incidentally, is very proud.

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Photo: Wendy Corsi Staub
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Book Series
Campus Life 101
Lily Dale
Mundy's Landing
Serial Killer
Turning Seventeen
Book List
Bone White (03/17)

Blue Moon (07/16)

Blood Red (09/15)

Black Widow, The (02/15)

Perfect Stranger, The (07/14)

Shadowkiller (01/13)

Lullaby and Goodnight (reprint) (11/12)

Sleepwalker (09/12)

Nightwatcher (08/12)

Hell to Pay (09/11)

Final Victim, The (reissue) (09/11)

Scared to Death (12/10)

Live to Tell (02/10)

Discovering (10/09)

Connecting (09/09)

Believing (06/09)

Awakening (06/09)

Dead Before Dark (05/09)

Dying Breath (05/08)

Don't Scream (05/07)

All The Way Home (reissue) (04/07)

Final Victim, The (04/06)

Lullaby And Goodnight (06/05)

Kiss Her Goodbye (06/04)

Dearly Beloved (08/03)

She Loves Me Not (01/03)

Fade to Black (02/02)

In the Blink of an Eye (02/02)

Last to Know, The (03/01)

This Boy Is Mine (01/01)

More Than This (09/00)

All The Way Home (08/99)

Long Way Home (07/99)

College Life 101: The Reunion (02/98)

Allison: The Townie (01/98)

Bridget: The Fling (12/97)

Cameron: The Sorority (11/97)

Kim: The Party (11/97)

Zara: The Roommate (11/97)


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