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Lynnette Austin

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Lynnette Austin
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Tyne O'Connell
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Tyne O’Connell was educated in the arts of deportment elocution and how to seat people at embassy dinners by European Catholic nuns. Skills she found to be of limited (yet of curiously invaluable use) in the outside world, which is probably why she never had a job. Her favorite author is Nancy Mitford — perhaps because like Tyne she kept hens as a young girl (although Tyne didn’t have to sell the eggs to pay for her governess). Tyne feels she wasted far too many years traveling the globe playing poker and misbehaving amongst the jet set, although she doesn’t regret the glamorous life or the wealth of stories from her wanderings, which appear in many of her books. She had always intended to be an author, and finally in her mid-twenties she settled permanently in London and started writing. Her first book was published in 1996 by Hodder Headline UK, and since then she’s written a book a year. Despite her entreaties, all three of her children ran away to boarding school so they could enjoy the midnight feasts and dorm life of rural England. In 2003, Tyne branched out into Young Adult teen fiction having been inspired by her children’s tales of boarding school life. Her teen books are published by BloomsburyUSA and Piccadilly Press UK. She gives talks on the art of seduction and writes columns for both men’s and women’s magazines in the UK. She has spent time in both LA and New York and hopes to set her next teen book there. Recently she appeared in a short film Against Nature, alongside Bafta winning actors, which is currently showing at film festivals around the world. Tyne is perhaps most famous for having lived with her two husbands for many years, but these days she is happy being married to her laptop and her BlackBerry. Whether writing at her desk or partying in Mayfair members clubs, "You never know when the muse will strike, or you’ll need a quick game of online poker to refresh your spirits." Although Tyne lives off Berkeley Square, a stones throw from her favorite shops on Bond Street, her greatest regret is that her flat is too small to keep hens. You can find out more about Tyne and contact her through her web site or through her teen site.

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