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Eye On Romance
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Lisa Jackson

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Lisa Jackson
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Cathie Linz
Pseudonym/s: Cat Devon
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Cathie's interest in writing began at an early age, when her older brother got a Tom Thumb typewriter. Only three at the time, she loved pounding on those keys!

When she reached the third grade, Cathie received Second Prize award for her Class Knowledge Fair project. It was a "book" - three pages long, typed, single-space, about her summer spent with her grandfather who'd retired to Ajijic, on the shores of Lake Chapala, in Mexico.

Knowing that writing was not a financially secure career choice, Cathie went to college and got a job as Head of Acquisitions at a university law library in the Chicago area. When she had to have emergency surgery, she realized that life isn't open-ended and if she wanted to write, she needed to start now.

While still living at home, she gave herself a year to be published. Her first publisher, Dell, called within two weeks of the approaching deadline to buy her first book. After writing 12 books for Dell's successful Candlelight Ecstasy line, Cathie began writing for Silhouette Desire. Since then, she's also written for Silhouette Romance and Harlequin Duets.

She writes her books in her home office suite, looking out on a small creek and woods. In the winter, sometimes a deer or two will walk by.

Her hobbies include reading (she has over 4,000 romances in her keeper library), traveling (she sets books in places she's visited — from the Alps to Bermuda, and Oregon to New Hampshire), and collecting artist teddy bears (she got hooked on this unusual hobby after researching for a book where the heroine designed teddy bears. Cathie now has over 50 one-of a kind bears in her collection). She is also an accomplished photographer.

Cathie lives in the Chicago area with her family and two cats. She lives near fellow Silhouette authors Lindsay Longford and Suzette Vann, as well as New York Times bestselling author Susan Elizabeth Phillips. This rowdy foursome often hangs out at "Chile's" plotting their next masterpiece. Cathie is the one eating the steak fajitas!

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Book Series
Marriage Makers
Men of Honor
Three Weddings and a Gift
Book List
Tempted Again (01/12)

Daddy in Dress Blues (reissue) (11/10)

Luck Be a Lady (10/10)

Mad, Bad and Blonde (03/10)

Smart Girls Think Twice (01/09)

Big Girls Don't Cry (10/07)

Bad Girls Don't (11/06)

Lone Star Marine (02/06)

Good Girls Do (01/06)

Marine Meets His Match, The (09/04)

Cinderella's Sweet-Talking Marine (07/04)

Her Millionaire Marine (05/04)

Sleeping Beauty & the Marine (01/03)

Married to a Marine (09/02)

Prince at Last!, A (06/02)

Marine & The Princess, The (12/01)

Stranded with the Sergeant (08/01)

Between the Covers
The Matchmaker's Mistake

Daddy In Dress Blues (09/00)

Lover and Deceiver (05/00)

Lawman Gets Lucky
Beauty and the Bet

Cowboy Finds a Bride
The Way We Weren't

Affair of Convenience
The Rancher Gets Hitched

Too Smart for Marriage (08/98)

Too Stubborn to Marry (05/98)

Too Sexy for Marriage (02/98)

Husband Needed (08/97)

Abbie And The Cowboy (10/96)

Seducing Hunter (10/96)

Michael's Baby (09/96)

Wildfire (03/96)

Wife in Time, A (09/95)

Baby Wanted (05/95)

Bridal Blues (10/94)

One Of A Kind Marriage (08/94)

Escapades (01/93)

Flirting with Trouble (07/92)

Smooth Sailing (01/91)

Handyman (01/91)

Smiles (01/90)

Handful of Trouble, A (12/87)

Continental Lover (07/86)

Tender Guardian (12/85)

Glimpse of Paradise, A (05/85)

Pride and Joy (01/85)

Winner Takes All (09/84)

Private Account (06/84)

Charming Strategy, A (01/84)


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