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Lisa Jackson

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Lisa Jackson
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Gwen Hunter
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Gwen was born in Louisiana to an artist mom and an electrical engineer dad. An observant, inquisitive child, she absorbed both the spiritual, creative "let’s try it and see if it works!" juices of her mother, and the scientific "take it apart and see how it works" thinking of her father. But Gwen had a problem — she had no talent. At least not any she could see. Yet, her mother promised her that God never puts a person on this earth who has no talents. Because of her 10th grade writing teacher, Gwen discovered writing. All that right-brain, left-brain thinking gleaned from her creative mother and scientific father found an outlet in words. She fell in love with the rhythms and music of prose, especially stories that came from the shadowed places of her own mind. Gwen grabbed hold of the joy of writing as if it were the only thing keeping her afloat in the deep water of life. Suddenly, Gwen had found her talent and knew what she wanted to do with the rest of her life. She wanted to write novels. That desire became the most intense, satisfying aspect of her life. Because writers often go months with no paycheck, Gwen went to the local technical school and earned a degree in the medical laboratory field (which she has been practicing for the last 20-something years at local hospitals). After graduation, she took two college courses, one on short story writing to teach her the basics of plot, and one on poetry to teach her the basics of wordplay and rhythm. It was as a result of the short story class that she won her first writing award, the Robert P. Lane Fiction Award, and saw herself in print in a small literary magazine. She knew it would only be a matter of time before she sold a novel. She just knew it. And then she fell in love. Gwen had met Rod Hunter in the eighth grade, shared classes with him, sat in the same row with him. But it wasn’t until their 21st year, when he approached her in the aisle of a drugstore, that they connected — instantly. From the night of their first date, Gwen knew she was hooked. The couple has been together ever since. Rod plays golf (a game Gwen has yet to find merit in), tennis, and the guitar. And now, he has taken up writing romance novels too — a fact that Gwen finds an interesting and delightful bend in her path! Gwen cowrote a men’s action-adventure novel in 1990, under the pen name Gary Hunter. Another followed in 1992. While not terribly successful, the books became Gwen’s entry into the official world of novel publishing. In 1993 Gwen began writing alone again; there followed the tremendously successful publication of Betrayal, which sold in five foreign countries and was a bestseller in the U.K. She was on her way. Along the way, Gwen and Rod tried to have children, but babies, diapers, and high chairs were not a stop on her spiritual journey. Instead she and her husband have two blond, energetic Pomeranians, live in a three-story house with woods and a creek behind, and travel when they can, usually combining stops at bookstores for signings, with a bit of recreational pleasure. Gwen likes to say that her books and her dogs are her babies. Gwen loves dogs, horses, waterskiing, tennis, the lake, the beach, the mountains, red wine, her weekly prayer group, and her computer. Her ideal life would be to rise at 9:30 a.m., work in her vegetable/herb garden all morning, write all afternoon, and spend the evening with her husband…. And never, never, never have to clean the house! Gwen has never stopped writing, nor has she paused in her spiritual journey. She sometimes wonders, "What next?"

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Bloodstone (01/06)

Shadow Valley (01/05)


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