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Nancy Bush

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Nancy Bush
You Can't Escape
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Myrna MacKenzie
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Dreams Do Come True, Sometimes . . .

Myrna Mackenzie was born in the small town of Campbell, Missouri, where she still has relatives. She was born a reader, a circumstance for which she will be forever grateful, but she only came to be a writer after first spending time working in a toy factory, as a college recruiter, as a temporary who spent time handing out samples in grocery stores and as an elementary school teacher. A firm believer that all of a writer's experiences contribute to the richness of her stories, she has made use of most of her work experiences in print.

She began her writing career at an early age, when as a shy, awkward child, she made up daydreams in which she saved the world (and the cute boy in the next desk at school) from fire, peril, and certain doom. She also make up lots of Cinderella daydreams in which the cute boy turned to copy from her paper and was stunned to find that the plain, smart girl in the blue glasses had turned into a glorious and dazzling goddess while he was trying to remember his times tables.

Mackenzie feels blessed with an abundance of good friends, with the richness of life, with faith, with family and with the gift of words which has been given to her.

And Change Can Bring New Dreams We Hadn't Thought Of . . .

With the changes in the industry, she has grown and changed as well. This year, 2006, marks the end of Silhouette Romance, the line where Mackenzie got her start. But new doors have opened, and she'll be writing for the new Harlequin Romance line and will have a new single title coming out as well. She hopes that she will always have an open mind about change and will continue to grow both as a reader and a writer . . .

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