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Lisa Jackson
Pseudonym/s: Susan Lynn Crose
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A native Oregonian, Lisa Jackson (sister of author Nancy Bush) has been writing romance novels for twenty years.

Lisa grew up in a small timber town and attended college at Oregon State University. When her kids were toddlers, Lisa's sister suggested they try writing romance. It sounded like a crazy idea at the time.

Lisa and her sister read mainly mystery and suspense novels, so the two women collaborated with a friend and submitted "Stormy Surrender" which was rejected all over New York. (Too much suspense!) Believe it or not, the rejections were positive and fired the sisters up. They tried their hands at writing individual stories. Both eventually sold. That was over 70 novels ago for Lisa.

Now her kids are in college and Lisa currently writes for three publishers. She's thrilled that now, she can finally add in the suspense as it's her first love.

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Photo: Lisa Jackson
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Book List
Expecting to Die (02/17)

Whispers (reprint) (01/17)

If She Only Knew (reprint) (11/16)

Final Scream (reissue) (10/16)

Most Likely to Die (03/16)

Revenge (02/16)

Fatal Burn (reissue) (01/16)

After She's Gone (hardcover) (12/15)

Deep Freeze (reissue) (11/15)

Never Die Alone (07/15)

Beach Season (anthology reprint) (05/15)

Light of Day (anthology) (03/15)

Hot Blooded (reprint) (02/15)

Close to Home (paperback) (02/15)

Cold Blooded (reissue) (01/15)

Our First Christmas (anthology) (09/14)

Close to Home (hardcover) (08/14)

Deserves to Die (07/14)

Summer Days (anthology) (04/14)

Tell Me (paperback) (02/14)

Memories (Husband to Remember / New Year's Daddy - reissue) (01/14)

Ready to Die (07/13)

Morning After, The (06/13)

Tell Me (hardcover) (06/13)

Night Before, The (reprint) (05/13)

You Don't Want to Know (paperback) (02/13)

Unspoken (reprint) (11/12)

Confessions (anthology) (10/12)

Rumors (anthology) (09/12)

You Don't Want to Know (Hardcover) (08/12)

Afraid to Die (06/12)

Afraid to Die (hardcover) (06/12)

Beach Season (anthology) (05/12)

Secrets and Lies: He's a Bad Boy\He's Just a Cowboy (anthology) (04/12)

Abandoned (anthology) (01/12)

Devious (mass market reissue) (01/12)

Strangers: Mystery Man / Obsession (reissue) (11/11)

Born to Die (08/11)

Dark Sapphire (ebook) (07/11)

Dark Ruby (ebook) (05/11)

Wild and Wicked (ebook) (04/11)

Devious (03/11)

Without Mercy (paperback) (03/11)

Kiss of the Moon (reissue) (02/11)

Sweet Revenge: One Man's Love / With No Regrets (12/10)

Running Scared (08/10)

Stormy Nights: Summer Rain / Hurricane Force (06/10)

Without Mercy (Hardcover) (04/10)

Malice (paperback) (03/10)

Montana Fire (Anthology) (12/09)

Chosen To Die (08/09)

Malice (hardcover) (04/09)

Lost Souls (paperback) (03/09)

Missing (Anthology) (12/08)

Left To Die (08/08)

High Stakes (Anthology) (06/08)

Sail Away (reissue) (05/08)

Lost Souls (Hardcover) (03/08)

Secrets (Anthology) (03/08)

Absolute Fear (03/08)

Secrets (Anthology) (12/07)

Sorceress (09/07)

McCaffertys: Randi, The (Hardcover) (08/07)

Almost Dead (07/07)

If She Only Knew (reissue) (07/07)

McCaffertys: Randi, The (reissue) (04/07)

Absolute Fear (Hardcover) (03/07)

Shiver (02/07)

McCaffertys: Slade, The (reissue) (12/06)

Twice Kissed (reissue) (08/06)

Fatal Burn (05/06)

McCaffertys: Matt, The (reissue) (05/06)

Shiver (Hardcover) (04/06)

Dark Sapphire (Hardcover) (12/05)

Outlaw (11/05)

McCaffertys: Thorne, The (reissue) (11/05)

Temptress (10/05)

Dark Jewels (Anthology) (10/05)

Final Scream (aka Intimacies) (08/05)

Tears of Pride (reissue) (07/05)

Strangers (Anthology) (05/05)

Deep Freeze (02/05)

Kiss of the Moon (12/04)

See How She Dies (08/04)

Best-Kept Lies: The McCaffertys - Randi (07/04)

Shadow of Time, The (reissue) (06/04)

Dark Emerald (reissue) (05/04)

Morning After, The (03/04)

Enchantress (12/03)

Whispers (08/03)

Twist of Fate, A (reissue) (06/03)

Impostress (04/03)

Night Before, The (03/03)

Mystic (reissue) (10/02)

McCaffertys: Slade, The (07/02)

Cold Blooded (06/02)

Wild and Wicked (02/02)

Hot Blooded (08/01)

McCaffertys: Matt, The (07/01)

McCaffertys: Thorne, The (12/00)

If She Only Knew (10/00)

Dark Sapphire (08/00)

Lone Stallion's Lady (06/00)

Tis the Season (Anthology) (12/99)

Unspoken (10/99)

Wishes (09/99)

Dark Emerald (03/99)

Family Kind of Wedding, A (01/99)

Family Kind of Gal, A (11/98)

Twice Kissed (11/98)

Intimacies (reissue) (aka Final Scream) (09/98)

Family Kind of Guy, A (08/98)

Dark Ruby (03/98)

Millionaire and the Cowgirl, The (08/96)

New Year's Daddy (01/96)

Treasures (12/95)

D Is for Dani's Baby (10/95)

Intimacies (aka Final Scream) (02/95)

C Is for Cowboy (12/94)

B Is for Baby (11/94)

A Is for Always (10/94)

He's My Soldier Boy (02/94)

Husband to Remember, A (09/93)

He's the Rich Boy (05/93)

He's Just a Cowboy (03/93)

He's a Bad Boy (01/93)

Million Dollar Baby (05/92)

Sail Away (01/92)

Obsession (09/91)

Mystery Man (02/91)

Double Exposure (11/90)

With No Regrets (07/90)

His Bride to Be (04/90)

Tender Trap (12/89)

Aftermath (05/89)

In Honor's Shadow (12/88)

Hurricane Force (07/88)

Summer Rain (11/87)

Snowbound (07/87)

Renegade Son (04/87)

One Man's Love (01/87)

Mystic (09/86)

Yesterday's Lies (06/86)

Zachary's Law (03/86)

Devil's Gambit (12/85)

Midnight Sun (09/85)

Innocent by Association (06/85)

Dangerous Precedent, A (04/85)

Gypsy Wind (01/85)

Pirate's Gold (01/85)

Tears of Pride (10/84)

Shadow of Time, The (07/84)

Dark Side of the Moon (03/84)

Twist of Fate, A (09/83)


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