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Ann Major

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Ann Major
Marriage at the Cowboy's Demand
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Carole Mortimer
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Carole Mortimer is one of Mills & Boon's (Harlequin) most popular and prolific authors. Since her first novel, published in 1979, this British writer has shown no signs of slowing her pace. In fact she just celebrated the publishing of her 100th book!

Her strong, traditional romances, with their distinct style, brilliantly developed characters and romantic plot twists, have earned her an enthusiastic audience worldwide.

Carole was born in a village in England that she claims was so small that "if you blinked as you drove through it you could miss seeing it completely!" She adds that her parents still live in the house where she first came into the world, and her two brothers live very close by.

Carole's early ambition to become a nurse came to an abrupt end after only one year of training due to a weakness in her back, suffered in the aftermath of a fall. Instead, she went on to work in the computer department of a well-known stationery company.

During her time there, Carole made her first attempt at writing a novel for Mills & Boon. "The manuscript was far too short and the plotline not up to standard, so I naturally received a rejection slip," she says. "Not taking rejection well, I went off in a sulk for two years before deciding to 'have another go.'" Her second manuscript was accepted, beginning a long and fruitful career. She says she has "enjoyed every moment of it!"

Carole lives "in a most beautiful part of Britain" with her husband, children, and menagerie of pets, including a dog acquired several years ago in Canada, which is actually half-coyote!

"I really do enjoy my writing, and have every intention of continuing to do so for another 20 years!"

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Book List
D'Angelo Like No Other, A (04/14)

Prize Beyond Jewels, A (03/14)

Bargain with the Enemy, A (02/14)

Rumors on the Red Carpet / Talk of Hollywood, The (12/13)

Not Just a Wallflower (12/13)

Not Just a Governess (08/13)

Touch of Notoriety, A (05/13)

Touch of Notoriety, A (large print) (05/13)

Taste of the Forbidden, A (04/13)

Billioniare's Marriage Bargain, The (reissue) (03/13)

Some Like it Wicked (11/12)

Night in the Palace, A (11/12)

His Reputation Precedes Him (08/12)

Defying Drakon (large print) (07/12)

Defying Drakon (07/12)

Lady Confesses, The (01/12)

Surrender to the Past (01/12)

Surrender to the Past (large print) (01/12)

Lady Forfeits, The (12/11)

Lady Gambles, The (11/11)

Mistletoe Wishes (anthology) (10/11)

Taming the Last St. Claire (large print) (06/11)

Taming the Last St. Claire (06/11)

Reluctant Duke, The (05/11)

Return of the Renegade, The (04/11)

Annie and the Red-Hot Italian (01/11)

Yuletide Engagement, The / A Yuletide Seduction (reissue) (12/10)

His Christmas Virgin (12/10)

'Tis the Season (10/10)

Master's Mistress, The (06/10)

Lady Arabella's Scandalous Marriage (04/10)

Infamous Italian's Secret Baby, The (02/10)

Rogue's Disgraced Lady, The (01/10)

Rake's Wicked Proposal, The (11/09)

Venetian's Midnight Mistress, The (10/09)

Christmas with the Boss (UK-Anthology) (10/09)

Virgin Secretary's Impossible Boss, The (09/09)

Duke's Cinderella Bride, The (09/09)

Pregnant With the Billionaire's Baby (07/09)

His Bid For A Bride (06/09)

Bedded for the Spaniard's Pleasure (04/09)

Venetian's Midnight Mistress, The (UK) (12/08)

Sicilian's Innocent Mistress, The (09/08)

At the Sicilian Count's Command (08/08)

Sicilian's Ruthless Marriage Revenge, The (07/08)

Christmas Night Miracle, The (12/07)

Mediterranean Millionaire's Reluctant Mistress, The (UK) (11/07)

Christmas Proposals (Anthology) (11/07)

Christmas Weddings (UK-Anthology) (10/07)

Billionaire's Marriage Bargain, The (09/07)

Wife By Contract, Mistress By Demand (05/07)

Meant To Wed (Anthology) (04/07)

Wife by Contract, Mistress by Demand (UK) (04/07)

Pregnant By The Millionaire (02/07)

Christmas Night Miracle, The (UK) (12/06)

His Very Personal Assistant (08/06)

Innocent Virgin, The (UK) (05/06)

Prince's Love-Child (UK) (01/06)

Claiming His Christmas Bride (12/05)

Prince's Pleasure (UK) (11/05)

Prince's Passion (UK) (10/05)

Vengeance Affair, The (05/05)

Boardroom To Bedroom (Anthology) (02/05)

His Bid For a Bride (UK) (08/04)

Liam's Secret Son (08/04)

Deserving Mistress, The (05/04)

Unwilling Mistress, The (03/04)

His Cinderella Mistress (02/04)

Yuletide Engagement, The (12/03)

In Separate Bedrooms (UK) (10/03)

Bride By Blackmail (07/03)

Enigmatic Man, An (04/03)

Keeping Luke's Secret (UK) (02/03)

Fiancé Fix, The (10/02)

To Marry McAllister (09/02)

To Marry McCloud (08/02)

To Marry McKenzie (07/02)

Secret Virgin, The (01/02)

Liam's Secret Son (UK) (01/02)

To Make a Marriage (09/01)

To Become a Bride (08/01)

To Have a Husband (07/01)

To Mend a Marriage (01/01)

Yuletide Seduction, A (11/00)

Bound by Contract (09/00)

Their Engagement Is Announced (04/00)

Man to Marry, A (02/00)

To Be a Bridegroom (09/99)

To Be a Husband (08/99)

To Woo a Wife (07/99)

Wedded Bliss (Anthology) (06/99)

Married by Christmas (12/98)

Joined By Marriage (09/98)

Diamond Bride, The (07/98)

Marriage to Remember. A (01/98)

Married by Contract (UK- Anthology) (01/98)

Marriage To Remember, A (UK) (09/97)

Wildest Dreams (07/97)

Mr. Mom (Anthology) (05/97)

One-Man Woman (02/97)

Just One Night (09/96)

Two's Company (07/96)

One And Only, The (02/96)

War Of Love (03/95)

Hunter's Moon (12/94)

Fated Attraction (10/94)

Return Engagement (08/94)

Gracious Lady (06/94)

Elusive Obsession (03/94)

Mother Of The Bride (12/93)

Private Lives (09/93)

Jilted Bridegroom, The (06/93)

Saving Grace (04/93)

Secret Passion (reissue) (04/93)

Gracious Lady (UK) (04/93)

Elusive Obsession (UK) (02/93)

Private Lives (UK) (09/92)

Romance Of A Lifetime (06/92)

Memories Of The Past (04/92)

Saving Grace (UK) (03/92)

Fated Attraction (UK) (01/92)

Christmas Affair, A (12/90)

Christmas Affair, A (UK) (05/90)

Elusive As the Unicorn (04/90)

Loving Gift, The (12/89)

Elusive As The Unicorn (UK) (05/89)

To Love Again (12/88)

Loving Gift, The (UK) (12/88)

One Chance At Love (10/88)

Uncertain Destiny (08/88)

Wish for the Moon (06/88)

Secret Passion (04/88)

Taggart's Woman (02/88)

Tangled Hearts (12/87)

Witchchild (11/87)

After The Loving (10/87)

Rogue and a Pirate, A (08/87)

Merlyn's Magic (07/87)

Velvet Promise (06/87)

After The Loving (UK) (04/87)

Hawk's Prey (02/87)

Glass Slippers And Unicorns (12/86)

Wade Dynasty, The (10/86)

No Longer a Dream (08/86)

Glass Slippers And Unicorns (UK) (07/86)

Gypsy (07/86)

Darkness Into Light (06/86)

Knight's Possession (04/86)

Knight's Possession (UK) (02/86)

Lady Surrender (02/86)

Devil's Price, The (01/86)

Lovers in the Afternoon (10/85)

Devil's Price, The (UK) (09/85)

No Risk Affair, A (08/85)

Cherish Tomorrow (07/85)

Tempestuous Affair (06/85)

Passionate Lover, The (05/85)

Lovers In The Afternoon (UK) (05/85)

Trust in Tomorrow (UK) (05/85)

Past Revenge, A (04/85)

Unwilling Desire, An (03/85)

Untamed (01/85)

Lost Love, A (11/84)

Hard to Get (09/84)

Everlasting Love (08/84)

Sensual Encounter (04/84)

Failed Marriage, The (03/84)

Trust in Summer Madness (02/84)

Pagan Enchantment (01/84)

Failed Marriage, The (UK) (01/84)

Subtle Revenge (12/83)

Undying Love (11/83)

Love Unspoken (10/83)

Lifelong Affair (09/83)

Heaven Here on Earth (08/83)

Fantasy Girl (07/83)

Lifelong Affair (UK) (06/83)

Captive Loving (06/83)

Love's Only Deception (05/83)

Hidden Love (04/83)

Captive Loving (UK) (04/83)

Golden Fever (03/83)

Perfect Partner (02/83)

Passion from the Past (01/83)

Elusive Lover (12/82)

Hidden Love (UK) (12/82)

Forbidden Surrender (11/82)

Golden Fever (UK) (10/82)

Forgotten Lover (10/82)

Perfect Partner (UK) (10/82)

Shadowed Stranger (09/82)

Elusive Lover (UK) (08/82)

Red Rose for Love (08/82)

Burning Obsession (07/82)

Love's Duel (06/82)

Burning Obsession (UK) (05/82)

Only Lover (05/82)

Point of No Return (01/82)

Freedom to Love (12/81)

Satan's Master (09/81)

First Love, Last Love (UK) (09/81)

First Love, Last Love (07/81)

Ice in His Veins (06/81)

Flame Of Desire, The (UK) (05/81)

Devil Lover (05/81)

Living Together (04/81)

Flame of Desire, The (03/81)

Ice In His Veins (UK) (03/81)

Brand of Possession (01/81)

Engaged to Jarrod Stone (UK) (12/80)

Brand of Possession (UK) (11/80)

Engaged to Jarrod Stone (10/80)

Yesterday's Scars (09/80)

Fear of Love (08/80)

Deceit of a Pagan (06/80)

Yesterday's Scars (UK) (05/80)

Tempestuous Flame, The (04/80)

Deceit of a Pagan (UK) (04/80)

Savage Interlude (02/80)

Tempted by Desire (11/79)

Passionate Winter, The (06/79)


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