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Lisa Jackson

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Lisa Jackson
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Jennifer Blake
Pseudonym/s: Patricia Maxwell, Patricia Ponder/Mystery; Maxine Patrick/Contemporary Romance; Elizabeth Trehearne/Gothic Romance
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Jennifer Blake has been called the Steel Magnolia of women's fiction, and a "legend of the romance genre." She is a seventh generation Louisianian who married at 15, began writing at 21, sold her first book at 27, and gained New York Times Best Seller status more than 20 years ago, with LOVE'S WILD DESIRE. She has written more than 50 books, including ROYAL SEDUCTION, SHAMELESS, and her acclaimed Louisiana Gentlemen series. An international best seller as well, she has been published in 18 languages with worldwide sales approaching 30 million. She was honored with the position as Writer-in-Residence for the University of Northeastern Louisiana, and is a charter, and honorary, member of Romance Writers of America. Visit Jennifer's website to learn more.

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Photo: Jennifer Blake
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Book Series
Italian Billionaires Collection
Louisiana Gentlemen
Masters At Arms series
Royal series
The Three Graces
Book List
Clay (hardcover reissue) (03/13)

Tuscan's Revenge Wedding, The (ebook) (10/12)

Roan (hardcover reissue) (04/12)

Silver-Tongued Devil (12/11)

Royal Seduction (The Royal Princes of Ruthenia) (11/11)

Royal Passion (The Royal Princes of Ruthenia) (11/11)

Seduced by Grace (09/11)

By Grace Possessed (08/11)

Midnight Waltz (reissue) (08/11)

By His Majesty's Grace (07/11)

Luke (hardcover reissue) (06/11)

Stranger at Plantation Inn (ebook) (02/11)

Fierce Eden (reissue) (02/11)

Midnight Waltz (ebook) (10/10)

Royal Seduction (reissue) (08/10)

Abducted Heart, The (ebook) (07/10)

Quilting Circle, The (reprint) (04/10)

Triumph in Arms (02/10)

Gallant Match (02/09)

Royal Passion (ebook) (10/08)

Tender Betrayal (ebook) (10/08)

Tigress (ebook) (10/08)

Shameless (ebook) (10/08)

Joy and Anger (ebook) (10/08)

Louisiana Dawn (ebook) (10/08)

Love and Smoke (ebook) (10/08)

Prisoner of Desire (ebook) (10/08)

Perfume of Paradise (ebook) (10/08)

Wildest Dreams (ebook) (10/08)

Guarded Heart (02/08)

Rogue's Salute (UK) (06/07)

Rogue's Salute (01/07)

Dawn Encounter (01/06)

Challenge To Honor (01/05)

Bayou Bride (ebook) (10/04)

Sweet Piracy (ebook) (09/04)

Secret of Mirror House, The (ebook) (09/04)

Dark Masquerade (ebook) (09/04)

Embrace And Conquer (ebook) (09/04)

Royal Seduction (ebook) (09/04)

Spanish Serenade (ebook) (09/04)

Surrender in Moonlight (ebook) (09/04)

Snowbound Heart (ebook) (09/04)

Storm and the Splendor, The (ebook) (09/04)

Love's Wild Desire (ebook) (09/04)

Love at Sea (ebook) (03/04)

Garden of Scandal (reissue) (11/03)

Golden Fancy (ebook) (10/03)

Southern Rapture (ebook) (11/02)

Wade (08/02)

With Love (Anthology) (08/02)

Silver-Tongued Devil (ebook) (06/02)

With A Southern Touch (Anthology) (05/02)

Bride Of A Stranger (ebook) (05/02)

Bewitching Grace, The (ebook) (02/02)

Arrow to the Heart (e-book) (10/01)

Captive Kisses (e-book) (10/01)

April of Enchantment (ebook) (10/01)

Night Of The Candles (ebook) (08/01)

Clay (07/01)

Notorious Angel, The (ebook) (05/01)

Fierce Eden (ebook) (04/01)

Garden of Scandal (03/01)

Roan (07/00)

Luke (03/99)

Southern Gentleman (Anthology) (06/98)

Kane (03/98)

Perfume of Paradise (reissue) (11/97)

Shameless (reissue) (08/97)

Unmasked (Anthology) (01/97)

Joyous Season, A (Anthology) (11/96)

Tigress (Hardcover) (09/96)

Quilting Circle, The (Anthology) (09/96)

Love's Wild Desire (reissue-1996) (09/96)

Notorious Angel, The (Hardcover) (07/96)

Tigress (07/96)

Silver-Tongued Devil (Hardcover) (06/96)

Silver-Tongued Devil (02/96)

Wildest Dreams (reissue) (12/95)

Purrfect Romance, A (Anthology) (09/95)

Challenge To Honor (Hardcover) (08/95)

Honeymoon Suite (Anthology) (06/95)

Arrow to the Heart (06/95)

Spanish Serenade (reissue) (12/94)

Secrets of the Heart (Anthology) (12/94)

Stardust (Anthology) (09/94)

Shameless (Hardcover) (05/94)

Topaz Man Presents, The
A Dream Come True:
Five Love Stories (Anthology)

Wildest Dreams (12/93)

Arrow to the Heart (Hardcover) (06/93)

Royal Passion (reissue) (03/93)

Louisiana Dawn (reissue) (01/93)

Tender Betrayal (reissue) (01/93)

Joy and Anger (07/92)

Prisoner of Desire (reissue) (12/91)

Notorious Angel, The (01/91)

Secret of Mirror House, The (10/90)

Fierce Eden (reissue) (09/90)

Spanish Serenade (06/90)

Love and Smoke (reissue) (04/90)

Midnight Waltz (reissue) (11/89)

Love and Smoke (Hardcover) (05/89)

Perfume of Paradise (03/88)

Storm and the Splendor, The (reissue) (12/87)

Louisiana Dawn (09/87)

Golden Fancy (reissue) (05/87)

Southern Rapture (03/87)

Prisoner of Desire (08/86)

Royal Passion (01/86)

Fierce Eden (06/85)

Midnight Waltz (12/84)

Surrender in Moonlight (04/84)

Embrace and Conquer (10/83)

Love's Wild Desire (reissue-1983) (08/83)

Royal Seduction (07/83)

Golden Fancy (11/80)

Storm and the Splendor, The (12/79)

Tender Betrayal (10/79)

Love's Wild Desire (08/77)

Court of the Thorn Tree, The (01/73)

Stranger at Plantation Inn (06/71)


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