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Ann Major

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Ann Major
Marriage at the Cowboy's Demand
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Carola Dunn
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I was born in London and grew up in the little Buckinghamshire village of Jordans, known to many Americans because William Penn and his two (not cotemporaneous) wives are buried at the Meeting House.

At 11, I went away to Friends' School, Saffron Walden, a Quaker co-ed boarding school in Essex.

Next came Manchester University. BA in hand, all I knew was that I didn't want to be a teacher, so I took a secretarial course for graduates at Oxford Tech. I didn't want to be a secretary either.

So I set off around the world . . . I made it as far as Samoa and Fiji before returning to the US to get married. A son quickly appeared, and as he showed early signs of an addiction to surfing I knew I was stuck in Southern California for the next 20 years. I went through a variety of jobs: childcare, market research, construction, building design, writing definitions for a dictionary of science and technology, before writing my first book in 1979. Incredibly lucky, I sold it, and I've been writing ever since.

In 1992 I moved to Eugene, Oregon, where I live with my Black Lab/German Shepherd, Willow.

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Book Series
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Thea series
Book List
Captain Ingram's Inheritance (ebook) (07/06)

Lady in the Briars (reissue) (05/05)

Susceptible Gentleman, A (Hardcover) (11/04)

Once Upon a Waltz (Anthology) (03/01)

Wonderful and Wicked (Anthology) (06/00)

Snowflake Kittens (Anthology) (12/99)

Once Upon a Kiss (Anthology) (05/99)

Crossed Quills (10/98)

Once Upon a Time (Anthology) (09/98)

Improper Governess, The (04/98)

Mayhem & Miranda (10/97)

Babe and the Baron, The (01/97)

Christmas Courtship, A (Anthology) (12/96)

Scandal's Daughter (03/96)

Tudor Secret, The (12/95)

Ginnie Come Lately (UK) (07/95)

Lady and the Rake, The (04/95)

Captain's Inheritance, The (08/94)

Mother's Joy, A (Anthology) (04/94)

His Lordship's Reward (02/94)

Ginnie Come Lately (10/93)

Thea's Marquis (05/93)

My Lord Winter (11/92)

Miss Jacobson's Journey (Hardcover) (09/92)

Road to Gretna, The (05/92)

Frog Earl, The (Hardcover) (04/92)

Fortune-Hunters, The (12/91)

Lord for Miss Larkin, A (06/91)

Polly and the Prince (Hardcover) (05/91)

Byron's Child (Hardcover) (03/91)

Poor Relation, A (12/90)

Susceptible Gentleman, A (05/90)

Lady in the Briars (Hardcover) (04/90)

Two Corinthians (Hardcover) (12/89)

Black Sheep's Daughter, The (Hardcover) (07/89)

Gabrielle's Gamble (04/89)

Miss Hartwell's Dilemma (Hardcover) (11/88)

Toblethorpe Manor (reissue) (12/87)

Smuggler's Summer (11/87)

Man in the Green Coat, The (Hardcover) (04/87)

Lord Iverbrook's Heir (05/86)

Miser's Sister, The (12/84)

Angel (05/84)

Lavender Lady (07/83)

Toblethorpe Manor (09/81)


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