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Featured Author
Ann Major

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Ann Major
Marriage at the Cowboy's Demand
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Rachel Lee
Pseudonym/s: Sue Civil-Brown
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When Rachel Lee was 9 years old, her mother would tell her to go out and play, but, instead, she hid in the basement reading and writing stories. Now, four decades later, Rachel would like to go out and play in the Florida sunshine, but her editors force her to hide in her office and write.

That may be the only straight line in Rachel Lee’s life. From anthropology to computer science, from UFOs to Atlantis theories, from egrets and herons on graceful wing to Siberian Huskies pouncing around the living room, there’s little that has not or might not attract her inquisitive attention.

Despite varied interests, Rachel is, above all, a student and observer of people. How they stand, whether in couples or casual groups. Facial expressions. Strides. Gestures. And, when talking with people, the question she most commonly asks is, "Why?"

Rachel’s wide range of interests, particularly that in people, infuse her books with variety, detail, and a depth of human emotion that draws readers into her imagination and brings her characters to life.

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Book Series
Conard County
Conard County series
Conard County: The New Generation
Conard County: The Next Generation
Ilduin series
The Claiming
Book List
Defending the Eyewitness (04/14)

Reuniting with the Rancher (02/14)

Thanksgiving Daddy (11/13)

Killer's Prey (10/13)

Claimed by the Immortal (08/13)

Widow of Conard County, The (07/13)

Rocky Mountain Lawman (06/13)

What She Saw (03/13)

Rancher's Deadly Risk (11/12)

Widow's Protector, The (05/12)

Forever Claimed (03/12)

Guardian in Disguise (03/12)

Claimed by a Vampire (02/12)

Claim the Night (01/12)

Rescue Pilot, The (09/11)

Just a Cowboy (07/11)

Nighthawk / The Return of Luke McGuire (reissue) (05/11)

No Ordinary Hero (02/11)

Soldier's Redemption, A (12/10)

An Officer and a Gentleman (reissue) (08/10)

Her Hero in Hiding (06/10)

Serious Risks (reissue) (04/10)

Man from Nowhere, A (02/10)

Unexpected Hero, The (07/09)

Protector Of One (04/09)

Soldier's Homecoming, A (07/08)

Hunted, The (04/08)

Holiday Heroes (Anthology) (11/07)

Jerico Pact, The (05/07)

Shadows of Destiny (01/07)

Soldier's Christmas, A (Anthology) (10/06)

Imminent Thunder (reissue) (09/06)

Crimson Code, The (02/06)

Shadows of Prophecy (01/06)

Thunderstruck (Anthology) (08/05)

Wildcard (02/05)

Shadows of Myth (01/05)

Something Deadly (01/04)

Last Breath (05/03)

With Malice (02/03)

Heart's Command, The (Anthology) (10/02)

July Thunder (02/02)

Under Suspicion (10/01)

Imminent Thunder (reissue) (05/01)

January Chill, A (04/01)

Thunder Mountain (reissue) (01/01)

When I Wake (11/00)

Snow In September (04/00)

After I Dream (03/00)

Involuntary Daddy (10/99)

Boots & Badges (09/99)

Before I Sleep (07/99)

Catch of Conard County, The (09/98)

Cowboy Comes Home (07/98)

Caught (11/97)

Nighthawk (05/97)

Fateful Choice, A (11/96)

Conard County Reckoning, A (03/96)

Cowboy Cop (07/95)

Question of Justice, A (01/95)

Thunder Mountain (08/94)

Point of No Return (05/94)

Lost Warriors (12/93)

Imminent Thunder (06/93)

Ironheart (05/93)

Miss Emmaline and the Archangel (03/93)

Cherokee Thunder (12/92)

Exile's End (09/92)

Defying Gravity (05/92)

Serious Risks (08/91)

Officer and a Gentleman, An (02/91)


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