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Lisa Jackson

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Jayne Ann Krentz
Pseudonym/s: Jayne Taylor, Jayne Bentley, Jayne Castle, Stephanie James, Jayne Ann Castle, Amanda Glass, Amanda Quick
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Jayne Ann Castle was born in 1948. Jayne grew in California with her mother Alberta and his brothers Stephen and James. She is married with Frank Krentz and lives in Seattle.

She earned a B.A. in history from the University of California at Santa Cruz and went to obtain a Masters degree in Library Science from San Jose State University. Before she began writing full-time she worked as a librarian in both academic and corporate libraries.

Jayne Ann outside interests include vegetarian cooking and participation on the Advisory Board for the Writers Programs at the University of Washing Extension program.

In addition to her fiction writing, she is the editor of and a contributor to a non-fiction essay collection, "Dangerous Men and Adventurous Women: Romance Writers on the Appeal of Romance," published by the University of Pennsylvania Press. The book received the Susan Koppelman Award for feminist studies given by the Women's Caucus of the Popular Culture Association and the American Culture Association.

Author of more than twenty-three consecutive New York Times bestsellers, she has over 23 million copies of her books in print. She now only uses three of his seven pseudonyms, for the futurist novels his spinster's name: Jayne Castle, for the contemporary novels her married name: Jayne Ann Krentz and for her historical novels: Amanda Quick.

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Photo: Jayne Ann Krentz
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Book Series
Arcane Society
Dark Legacy series
Dark Legacy series
Dreamlight Trilogy/ Arcane Society
Eclipse Bay
Gift series
Ladies and Legends
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Book List
When All the Girls Have Gone (hardcover) (11/16)

Secret Sisters (hardcover) (12/15)

Trust No One (paperback) (12/15)

Trust No One (hardcover) (01/15)

River Road (paperback) (01/15)

River Road (hardcover) (01/14)

Dream Eyes (paperback) (01/14)

Wildest Dreams (anthology) (08/13)

Dream Eyes (hardcover) (01/13)

Copper Beach (paperback) (12/12)

Copper Beach (hardcover) (01/12)

In Too Deep (paperback) (12/11)

In Too Deep (hardcover) (01/11)

Fired Up (paperback) (01/11)

Family Man (05/10)

Running Hot (reissue) (01/10)

Fired Up (hardcover) (12/09)

Uneasy Alliance (reprint) (06/09)

Sizzle and Burn (02/09)

Running Hot (12/08)

White Lies (reissue) (02/08)

Eclipse Bay (reissue) (01/08)

Sizzle and Burn (01/08)

Man In The Mask, The (Anthology) (11/07)

Joy (Hardcover) (08/07)

Twist Of Fate (reissue) (02/07)

White Lies (Hardcover) (01/07)

Gambler's Woman (11/06)

Lady's Choice (reissue) (03/06)

All Night Long (01/06)

Raven's Prey (12/05)

Falling Awake (reissue) (10/05)

Falling Awake (11/04)

Stormy Challenge (09/04)

Dangerous Affair (Anthology) (03/04)

Truth or Dare (12/03)

Uneasy Alliance (reissue) (10/03)

Together in Eclipse Bay (Anthology) (09/03)

Legacy (reissue) (08/03)

Shared Dream, A (07/03)

Ties That Bind, The (Hardcover) (06/03)

Bedazzled (Anthology) (05/03)

Witchcraft (Anthology) (03/03)

Stolen Memories (Anthology) (02/03)

Light in Shadow (12/02)

Smoke in Mirrors (11/02)

Summer In Eclipse Bay (05/02)

Family Passions (Anthology) (04/02)

Call It Destiny (reissue) (02/02)

Smoke In Mirrors (Hardcover) (01/02)

Wedding Night, The (reissue) (12/01)

Take 5: Volume 2 (Anthology) (08/01)

Dawn In Eclipse Bay (05/01)

True Colors (reissue) (03/01)

Man With A Past (reissue) (12/00)

Lost & Found (10/00)

Soft Focus (reissue) (10/00)

Between The Lines (reissue) (07/00)

Eclipse Bay (06/00)

Ghost of a Chance (reissue) (12/99)

Soft Focus (12/99)

Dangerous Desires (Anthology) (11/99)

Legacies Of Love (Anthology) (11/99)

Private Eye, The

Family Way, The (reissue) (08/99)

Eye Of The Beholder (05/99)

Flash (reissue) (03/99)

Cowboy, The (reissue) (02/99)

Adventurer, The (reissue) (12/98)

Flash (Hardcover) (10/98)

Waiting Game, The (reissue) (08/98)

Midnight Jewels (reissue) (07/98)

Pirate, The (reissue) (06/98)

Woman's Touch, A (reissue) (04/98)

Heart's Desire (Anthology) (02/98)

Hidden Talents (reissue) (02/98)

Sharp Edges (02/98)

Sweet Fortune (reissue) (01/98)

Deep Waters (reissue) (12/97)

Golden Chance, The (reissue) (12/97)

Family Man (reissue) (11/97)

Silver Linings (reissue) (10/97)

Lady's Choice (reissue) (03/97)

Deep Waters (02/97)

Absolutely, Positively (reissue) (01/97)

Wildest Hearts (reissue) (12/96)

Silver Linings (reissue) (11/96)

Perfect Partners (reissue) (10/96)

Chance Of A Lifetime (reissue) (03/96)

Absolutely, Positively (Hardcover) (02/96)

Shield's Lady (reissue) (01/96)

Trust Me (09/95)

Joy (reissue) (09/95)

Full Bloom (reissue) (06/95)

Everlasting Love (Anthology) (05/95)

Test Of Time (reissue) (01/95)

Crystal Flame (reissue) (08/94)

Grand Passion (02/94)

Trust Me (Hardcover) (02/94)

Sweet Starfire (reissue) (01/94)

Hidden Talents (10/93)

Dreamscape (Anthology) (10/93)

Gift of Fire (reissue) (07/93)

Gift of Gold (reissue) (05/93)

Wildest Hearts (04/93)

Family Man (10/92)

Perfect Partners (10/92)

Coral Kiss, A (reissue) (06/92)

Private Eye, The (01/92)

Wedding Night, The (10/91)

Sweet Fortune (10/91)

Too Wild To Wed (04/91)

Silver Linings (03/91)

Cowboy, The (05/90)

Adventurer, The (04/90)

Golden Chance, The (03/90)

Pirate, The (01/90)

Lady's Choice (10/89)

Shield's Lady
(written under pseudonym Amanda Glass)

Woman's Touch, A (03/89)

Gift of Fire (01/89)

Dreams: Part One (12/88)

Dreams: Part Two (12/88)

Joy (09/88)

Gift of Gold (07/88)

Full Bloom (02/88)

Midnight Jewels (11/87)

Test Of Time (09/87)

Chance Of a Lifetime (08/87)

Main Attraction, The (06/87)

Coral Kiss, A (04/87)

Family Way, The (03/87)

Crystal Flame (11/86)

Between the Lines (10/86)

Ties That Bind, The (06/86)

Twist Of Fate (06/86)

Sweet Starfire (03/86)

True Colors (01/86)

Witchcraft (09/85)

Waiting Game, The (05/85)

Man With a Past (02/85)

Legacy (01/85)

Ghost Of a Chance (11/84)

Call It Destiny (08/84)

Uneasy Alliance (05/84)

Maiden of the Morning (01/79)


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