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Eye On Romance
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Sharon Buchbinder

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Sharon Buchbinder
Legacy of Evil: Hotel LaBelle Series, Book 2
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Fern Michaels
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New Jersey Literary Hall of Fame inductee Fern Michaels, born Mary Ruth Kuczkir in Hastings, Pennsylvania, USA, is known throughout the United States for her page-turner romance novels.

As a single mom, this highly successful writer, put her five children "through college on [her] own with no help from anyone." Her appreciation of the importance of education and her dedication to helping others is exemplified through The Fern Michaels Foundation that she established in 1990. She awards two full university scholarships annually to worthy students who otherwise would not be able to afford to attend a university. In addition, she has opened child care centers that offer reasonable rates to accommodate working single moms. She enjoys writing about women who overcome obstacles and adversities and rise above their problems by means of their intelligence, determination, perseverance, and persistence to overcome and to prevail.

"First crack out of the gate there was no one standing in the wings to encourage me. My husband, at the time, did everything possible to discourage me. Words such as 'Stupid is as stupid does' came up. . . . Phyllis Whitney said I should 'keep doing whatever I was doing' which was being a wife and a mother," says Fern Michaels.

Michaels can smile serenely about all this now--as she hikes with her five dogs on her many acres in sunny South Carolina and returns to her southern mansion that she shares with a ghost named Mary Margaret. Fern took the rejection and the pain and interwove them magically with her remarkable storytelling abilities to create durable and exquisite tapestries that titillate and inspire her readers.

In unique novel after unique novel, she shows women who find themselves in the most inexplicable relationships and explosive situations--brought there sometimes by innocence and sometimes by short-sightedness--but after adversities and opportunities, they gain wisdom and vision and become empowered to live full and happy lives.

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Photo: Fern Michaels
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Book List
Crash and Burn (12/16)

Most Wonderful Time, The (anthology) (10/16)

Blossom Sisters, The (04/16)

No Safe Secret (hardcover) (03/16)

Point Blank (12/15)

Wishes for Christmas (10/15)

In Plain Sight (06/15)

Eyes Only (12/14)

When the Snow Falls (anthology) (09/14)

Kiss and Tell (06/14)

Family Affair, An (hardcover) (04/14)

Forget Me Not (reissue) (03/14)

Blindsided (12/13)

Secret Santa (anthology) (10/13)

What You Wish For (reissue) (07/13)

Gotcha! (06/13)

Merry, Merry (ebook) (12/12)

Bright Red Ribbon (ebook) (12/12)

Return to Sender (reprint) (12/12)

Winter Wonderland, A (anthology) (11/12)

Coming Home For Christmas (10/12)

I'll Be Home For Christmas (anthology) (10/12)

Breaking News (09/12)

Southern Comfort (paperback) (05/12)

Deadline (reprint) (04/12)

Scoop, The (reprint) (04/12)

Texas Fury/Texas Sunrise (anthology) (04/12)

Texas Rich/Texas Heat (anthology) (01/12)

Mr and Miss Anonymous (reprint) (12/11)

Making Spirits Bright (anthology) (11/11)

Christmas at Timberwoods (10/11)

Late Edition (paperback) (08/11)

Betrayal (07/11)

Hey, Good Looking (reissue) (05/11)

Marriage Game, The (reissue) (05/11)

Southern Comfort (hardcover) (04/11)

Home Free (04/11)

Late Edition (hardcover) (04/11)

Plain Jane (02/11)

To Taste the Wine (02/11)

Deja Vu (paperback) (01/11)

Home Free (hardcover) (01/11)

Holiday Magic (anthology) (11/10)

Cross Roads (10/10)

Sins of the Flesh (reissue) (09/10)

Exclusive (trade) (09/10)

Deja Vu (hardcover) (09/10)

Whitefire (08/10)

Sins of Omission (08/10)

Game Over (07/10)

Deadly Deals (04/10)

Return to Sender (Hardcover) (04/10)

Wildflowers (Anthology) (02/10)

Vanishing Act (01/10)

Snow Angels (Anthology) (11/09)

Dear Emily (08/09)

Scoop, The (08/09)

Under the Radar (06/09)

Razor Sharp (06/09)

Mr and Miss Anonymous (05/09)

Final Justice (12/08)

Silver Bells (Anthology) (11/08)

Collateral Damage (10/08)

Fast Track (Hardcover) (02/08)

Marriage Game, The (Large Print) (12/07)

Hokus Pokus (Hardcover) (12/07)

Hide and Seek (12/07)

Free Fall (10/07)

Lethal Justice (reissue) (10/07)

Sweet Revenge (reissue) (07/07)

Vegas Heat (reissue) (07/07)

Vegas Rich (reissue) (07/07)

Vegas Sunrise (reissue) (07/07)

Picture Perfect (07/07)

Up Close and Personal (07/07)

Fool Me Once (06/07)

Marriage Game, The (04/07)

Lethal Justice (12/06)

Fool Me Once (Hardcover) (09/06)

Nightstar (reissue-Hardcover) (06/06)

Sweet Revenge (05/06)

Hey, Good Looking (04/06)

Pretty Woman (02/06)

Vendetta (01/06)

Payback (09/05)

Jury, The (08/05)

Nosy Neighbor, The (05/05)

Family Blessings (Hardcover) (10/04)

Real Deal, The (07/04)

Weekend Warriors (reprint) (06/04)

Crown Jewel (12/03)

Future Scrolls, The (09/03)

Trading Places (06/03)

Golden Lasso (06/03)

Beyond Tomorrow (05/03)

About Face (04/03)

Late Bloomer (02/03)

Annie's Rainbow (01/03)

Weekend Warriors (hardcover) (01/03)

No Place Like Home (11/02)

Kentucky Sunrise (10/02)

Kentucky Heat (05/02)

Plain Jane (03/02)

Finders Keepers (01/02)

Kentucky Rich (10/01)

Charming Lily (04/01)

Five Golden Rings (Anthology) (10/00)

What You Wish For (10/00)

Guest List, The (08/00)

Listen to Your Heart (Hardcover) (04/00)

Yesterday (11/99)

Split Second (Hardcover) (10/99)

Celebration (04/99)

Sara's Song (paperback) (03/98)

Sara's Song (Hardcover) (02/98)

Vegas Sunrise (10/97)

Vegas Heat (03/97)

Heartbreak Ranch (Anthology) (03/97)

Joyous Season, A (Anthology) (11/96)

Vegas Rich (07/96)

Wish List (02/96)

To Have and to Hold (01/95)

Serendipity (Hardcover) (08/94)

Desperate Measures (Hardcover) (08/94)

Seasons of Her Life (Hardcover) (04/94)

Texas Sunrise (01/94)

Texas Sunrise (Hardcover) (01/93)

For All Their Lives (Hardcover) (09/91)

Captive Secrets (06/91)

All She Can Be (06/90)

Sins of the Flesh (05/90)

Sins of Omission (11/89)

Texas Fury (03/89)

To Taste the Wine (08/88)

Texas Heat (03/86)

Texas Rich (01/85)

Valentina (12/83)

Free Spirit (09/83)

Cinders To Satin (09/83)

All She Can Be (02/83)

Wild Honey (11/82)

Tender Warrior (06/82)

Panda Bear is Critical (05/82)

Nightstar (04/82)

Captive Innocence (11/81)

Paint Me Rainbows (11/81)

Without Warning (09/81)

Whisper My Name (02/81)

Sea Gypsy (06/80)

Captive Splendors (04/80)

Delta Ladies, The (01/80)

Captive Embrace (04/79)

Whitefire (05/78)

Captive Passions (06/77)

Captive Passions (05/77)

Vixen in Velvet (09/76)

Pride and Passion (08/75)


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