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Ann Major

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Ann Major
Marriage at the Cowboy's Demand
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Patricia Rosemoor
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Writing was always a part of Patricia Rosemoor’s life. At 15, she took a part-time job with a local newspaper answering phones and taking ads. She convinced the owner to let her rewrite the wedding announcements. Her talent with words duly noted, the owner hired her as the youngest stringer ever to work for the paper. At 16, she was reporting on the city council meetings in her suburb and creating controversy that kept the editor’s phone ringing. That summer, she took over the sports section when the sports editor went on vacation.

Unable to afford the journalism program at Northwestern University, Patricia settled on being a commuter student at the University of Illinois and earning a degree in American literature. There, she also discovered that she was seduced by images as well as words. After obtaining a master’s degree in television production, she worked in educational media.

But that love of fiction never died. During the big surge of romances hitting the shelves in the late ’70s, she realized she wanted to write romances herself. She tried, gave up . . . and a few years later tried again. She gave herself a deadline — one year to get published or forget it.

This happened to be the first year of her marriage, and she was still working a full-time job. Luckily, she’d married "the most supportive man in the world." And even more luckily, she sold a young-adult romance at the 13th hour. Actually, in the 11th month of that year she'd given herself.

Patricia’s writing career was on its way. Many books and years later, she’s still at it.

Research is an integral part of Patricia’s writing process. Recently she and her husband spent some time on a working cattle ranch in New Mexico to get the authentic details that she feels brings a story to life. Travel for research is the best part of the deal as far as she is concerned, especially if it involves animals. For some of her books, she swam with dolphins, photographed wild mustangs, and howled with wolves.

Her advice to new writers: "Find the passion in your story that goes beyond the romance."

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Against All Odds (03/88)

Crimson Holiday (01/88)

Dangerous Illusions (12/86)

Double Images (03/86)


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