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Lisa Jackson

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Lisa Jackson
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Amanda Stevens
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Amanda Stevens grew up in a small, rural town situated between the rocky foothills and the flat farmland of northeast Arkansas. Her father a farmer and her mother an avid quilter, Amanda's humble childhood was rich with tradition. Warmed by a fire on a cold winter's night, she would sit enraptured for hours by ghost stories that had been passed down for generations.

At an early age, books became her best friend. She not only devoured the stories, she lived them. By the time she was ten, she'd built a sod house on the prairie with Charles Ingalls, fought and befriended green Martians with the dashing John Carter and rafted down the mighty Mississippi with Tom Sawyer.

Junior high brought new discoveries — Debutante Hill, Gone with the Wind, Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl — and by high school, Amanda knew she wanted to write. However, it wasn't until several years later at the encouragement of a wonderful English professor that she actually tried her hand at a novel. Her first book, Killing Moon, was published by the Silhouette Intimate Moments series, and now, several years later, she is the author of over forty novels of romantic suspense.

She lives in Houston, Texas, with her family and a black cat named Lola.

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Book Series
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Graveyard Queen
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Book List
Her Stolen Past (reissue) (12/13)

Prophet, The (04/12)

Kingdom, The (03/12)

Restorer, The (04/11)

Hero's Son, The (reissue) (11/10)

Magnum Force Man (Large Print) (11/09)

Magnum Force Man (11/09)

Showdown in West Texas (07/09)

Devil's Footprints, The (03/08)

Texas Ransom (01/08)

Dollmaker, The (03/07)

Double Life (11/06)

Perfect Kiss, The (09/06)

Secrets Of His Own (07/06)

Edge of Eternity, The (11/05)

Going To Extremes (08/05)

Matters of Seduction (05/05)

Intimate Knowledge (02/05)

Secret Sanctuary (reissue) (02/05)

Just Past Midnight (10/04)

Unauthorized Passion (09/04)

Secret Passage (06/04)

Silent Storm (03/04)

His Mysterious Ways (11/03)

Whispers in the Night (Anthology) (09/03)

Her Stolen Past (06/03)

Confessions of the Heart (02/03)

Gallagher Justice (01/03)

Seventh Night, The (reissue) (10/02)

Secret Sanctuary (02/02)

Perfect Kiss, The (reissue) (12/01)

Forgiven, The (09/01)

Tempted, The (08/01)

Innocent, The (07/01)

Nighttime Guardian (03/01)

Dark Obsession (reissue) (01/01)

Bodyguard's Assignment, The (09/00)

Forbidden Lover (04/00)

Littlest Witness, The (02/00)

Secret Admirer (02/00)

Her Secret Past (07/99)

Lover, Stranger (03/99)

Somebody's Baby (10/98)

Long-Lost Heir, The (04/98)

Brother's Wife, The (02/98)

Hero's Son, The (01/98)

Second Mrs. Malone, The (07/97)

Man Of Secrets, A (11/96)

Baby's Cry, A (08/96)

Stranger in Paradise (05/96)

Dark Obsession (12/94)

Fade to Black (05/94)

Perfect Kiss, The (01/94)

Seventh Night, The (08/93)

Obsessed (03/93)

Angels Don't Cry (01/93)

Love is a Stranger (06/91)

Dreaming, The (07/87)

Killing Moon (08/86)


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