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Ann Major

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Ann Major
Marriage at the Cowboy's Demand
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Fiona Lowe
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Fiona loves to read! As a child in Papua New Guinea books were THE entertainment so she didn’t really learn about TV until she was eight and by then her love of reading was truly entrenched. One of her first teenage rebellions was refusing to go on a bushwalk with her parents because she was half way through GONE WITH THE WIND. The real world intruded on her life and she was forced to pull her nose out of a book and earn a living. Nursing became Fiona’s career and her favourite areas of hospital-based nursing are midwifery, Accident & Emergency and Theatre. But she enjoys being her own boss and she headed into community health and health education. Seeing people taking control of their own health and avoiding hospital gives her a real thrill. Ten years ago while on maternity leave with her first baby she heard an interview on ABC radio with a staff member from Mills & Boon who said they were actively seeking authors. How hard could it be? (Yeah, right). She sent away for an instructional ‘cassette’ entitled ‘And then He Kissed Her.’ Fiona never thought it would take a decade to be published or that by then cassettes would hardly exist! Fiona currently lives in southern Victoria, Australia with her supportive husband and two gorgeous redheaded sons. In the decade it took to get published she has lived in two countries and three different cities. When she’s not writing she’s working with teenage girls and volunteering as a school councillor. She enjoys playing tennis, reading, gardening and theatre and is ALWAYS planning her next holiday adventure, which always seem to end up on a book. She loves to fire up the BBQ and invite friends over for a casual meal, a swim in the pool and lots of conversation. And like most women she juggles way too many balls and falls in a heap now and then. Lucky she has a generous husband who picks her up, dusts her down and suggests she ‘go read a book’ for a bit to recharge.

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Photo: Fiona Lowe
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