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Diana Palmer
Pseudonym/s: Diana Blayne, Katy Currie, Susan Kyle.
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Susan Spaeth Kyle (aka Diana Palmer) is a former newspaper reporter, with sixteen years experience on both daily and weekly newspapers. She began selling romance novels in 1979 and now writes as Diana Palmer for three New York publishing houses: Mira Books (mainstream romances), Silhouette Books (contemporary series romances), and Fawcett Books (historical romances).

She is a member of the Native American Rights Fund, the American Museum of Natural History, the National Cattlemen's Association, the Archaeological Institute of Amenca, the Planetary Society, The Georgia Conservancy, the Georgia Sheriff's Association, and numerous conservation and charitable organizations. Her hobbies include gardening, archaeology, anthropology, iguanas, astronomy and music. She has been married to James Kyle since 1972. They have one son, Blayne Edward, born in 1980, who is pursing a law enforcement career in college. She has a sister, Dannis Cole, who lives in Utah and is also back at college, finishing her degree. Dannis has two daughters, Amanda Belle Hofstetter, a high school senior planning a career as a physician, and Maggie, who is in grammar school.

Susan herself went back to college as a day student at the age of 45, inspired by her husband James, who quit a blue-collar manufacturing job to return to school and get his diploma in computer programming. He retired from his own computer business in 1998 and now pursues skeet shooting medals in local, state, national and international competition. Susan graduated summa cum laude from Piedmont College, Demorest, GA, in 1995 with a major in history and a double minor in archaeology and Spanish. She was named to two honor societies (the Torch Club and Alpha Chi), and was named to the National Dean's List. In addition to her writing projects, she is currently working on her master's degree in history at California State University. She hopes to specialize in Native American studies.

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Photo: Diana Palmer
Website Links
Book Series
Big Spur, Texas series
Brannon series
Fit for a King series
Friends and Lovers series
Long Tall Texans
Long Tall Texans
Long Tall Texans
Maggie's Dad series
Marist series
Men of Medicine Ridge
Morcai Battalion
Most Wanted series
Night of Love series
Rawhide and Lace series
Soldiers of Fortune
Whitehall series
Wyoming Men
Book List
Wyoming Brave (12/16)

Mountain Man (01/16)

Wyoming Rugged (11/15)

Untamed (hardcover) (06/15)

Diamond Spur (reprint) (04/15)

Recruit, The (11/14)

Wyoming Strong (10/14)

Texas Born (09/14)

Desperado (09/14)

Invincible (hardcover) (08/14)

Protector (reissue) (02/14)

Wyoming Bold (10/13)

Diamond in the Rough (reissue) (09/13)

White Christmas (anthology) (09/13)

Protector, The (hardcover) (06/13)

Morcai Battilion, The (06/13)

Rancher, The (12/12)

Wyoming Fierce (10/12)

Silver Bells (reissue) (10/12)

Betrayed by Love (reissue) (09/12)

Courageous (hardcover) (06/12)

Merciless (paperback) (04/12)

Before Sunrise (reissue) (02/12)

Savage Heart, The (11/11)

True Blue (11/11)

Wyoming Tough (10/11)

Man for All Seasons, A (reissue/hardcover) (10/11)

Trilby (reissue) (09/11)

Nelson's Brand (08/11)

Nora (reissue) (07/11)

Merciless (hardcover) (07/11)

Lacy (reissue) (05/11)

Dangerous (paperback) (05/11)

Renegade (reissue) (01/11)

Will of Steel (12/10)

Will of Steel / Reluctant Father (12/10)

Magnolia (reissue) (11/10)

Lone Star Winter (reissue) (10/10)

Winter Roses (reissue) (10/10)

Dangerous (Hardcover) (06/10)

Heartless (paperback) (04/10)

Tough to Tame (04/10)

More Than Words (Anthology) (03/10)

Best Is Yet to Come, The
Maternity Bride (Anthology)

Desperado (reissue) (02/10)

His Virgin Wife (UK-Anthology) (02/10)

Rogue Stallion (reissue) (01/10)

Maverick, The (12/09)

Cowboy's Winter Bride, The (Anthology) (12/09)

Noelle (reissue) (12/09)

Winter Man, The (Anthology) (09/09)

One Night with a Cowboy (UK-Anthology) (09/09)

Cowboy and the Lady, The (reissue) (09/09)

Miss Greenhorn (UK) (07/09)

Heartless (Hardcover) (06/09)

Heart of Stone (UK) (06/09)

Fearless (04/09)

Diamond in the Rough (04/09)

Diamond In The Rough (UK) (04/09)

Her Kind of Hero (Anthology) (02/09)

Nora (Hardcover) (01/09)

Nora (reissue) (12/08)

Big Sky Winter (Anthology) (11/08)

Cattleman's Woman (UK-Anthology) (11/08)

Married by Christmas (UK-Anthology) (10/08)

Iron Cowboy
Seduced by the Rich Man (UK-Anthology)

Heart of Stone (09/08)

Greatest Gift, The (UK) (09/08)

One of a Kind (UK-Anthology) (07/08)

Hard to Handle (UK-Anthology) (06/08)

Lawman (reissue) (05/08)

Carrera's Bride (reissue) (05/08)

Heartbreaker (reissue) (05/08)

Boss Man (reissue) (05/08)

Blind Promises (reissue) (04/08)

Iron Cowboy (03/08)

Man of the Hour (Anthology) (03/08)

Lawman (UK) (02/08)

Heart of Winter (UK-Anthology) (12/07)

Morcai Battalion, The (12/07)

Winter Roses (11/07)

Long, Tall Texan Legacy (Anthology- Hardcover) (11/07)

Winter Roses (UK) (11/07)

Hunter (Hardcover- Large Print) (10/07)

Trilby (reissue) (10/07)

Scandals from the Third Bride (UK-Anthology)

Outsider (UK) (07/07)

One Hot Summer (UK-Anthology) (06/07)

Lawman (06/07)

Outsider (05/07)

Heart of Winter (Anthology- Hardcover) (04/07)

Before Sunrise (UK) (04/07)

Hard to Handle (Anthology) (03/07)

Case of the Confirmed Bachelor, The (Hardcover) (01/07)

Bachelor Heroes (UK-Anthology) (12/06)

Tender Stranger, The (Hardcover) (12/06)

Lacy (reissue) (12/06)

Heart of Winter (Anthology) (11/06)

Soldier of Fortune (Hardcover) (11/06)

Case of the Mesmerizing Boss, The (Hardcover) (11/06)

Under the Mistletoe (UK-Anthology) (11/06)

Boss Man
Tanner Ties (UK-Anthology)

Enamored (Hardcover) (10/06)

Heartbreaker (09/06)

Winter Soldier, The (Hardcover) (08/06)

She Needs a Hero (UK-Anthology) (07/06)

Outsider (Hardcover) (07/06)

Wedding in White, The (Hardcover) (06/06)

Tycoon Lovers (UK-Anthology) (05/06)

Boss Man (Hardcover) (04/06)

One Night in New York (UK) (04/06)

Love by Proxy (reissue) (03/06)

Matter of Trust, A (Anthology) (01/06)

Bound By Honor (Anthology) (01/06)

Heart of a Stranger (Anthology) (01/06)

Second Chances (Anthology) (01/06)

Wedding in White, The
Circle of Gold (UK-Anthology)

Night Fever (12/05)

Boss Man (11/05)

Before Sunrise (Hardcover) (11/05)

Blind Promises (Hardcover) (11/05)

Irresistible (UK-Anthology) (10/05)

Harden (Hardcover) (10/05)

Connal (Hardcover) (08/05)

Before Sunrise (07/05)

Hart Brothers: Rey & Leo (06/05)

Long, Tall Texans: Burke & Coltrain (06/05)

Hart Brothers: Simon & Callaghan (06/05)

Renegade (reissue) (06/05)

Long, Tall Texans: Emmett & Regan (06/05)

Motherhood (Anthology) (05/05)

Tyler (Hardcover) (05/05)

Circle Of Gold (Hardcover- Large Print) (03/05)

Cattleman's Pride
Wild in the Moonlight (UK-Anthology)

True Colors (12/04)

Cattleman's Pride
Redbird (UK-Anthology)

Renegade (Hardcover) (12/04)

Carrera's Bride (11/04)

Men of Medicine Ridge, The (Anthology) (10/04)

Champagne Girl
Mystery Man (UK-Anthology)

Man in Control
Thorn's Challenge (UK-Anthology)

Millionaire Affair, The (UK-Anthology) (09/04)

Texas Ranger, The (reissue) (08/04)

Once In Paris (reissue) (08/04)

Paper Rose (reissue) (08/04)

Renegade (Hardcover) (08/04)

Lord of the Desert (reissue) (08/04)

Man of Means, A (Hardcover) (07/04)

Most Wanted (UK-Anthology) (06/04)

Cattleman's Pride (05/04)

Men of Honour (UK-Anthology) (03/04)

Men of the West: Harden, Evan, Donavan (03/04)

Instinctive Male (UK-Anthology)

If Winter Comes (reissue) (01/04)

Dream's End (reissue) (01/04)

Bound by a Promise (reissue) (01/04)

Now and Forever (reissue) (01/04)

Bound by a Promise (reissue) (01/04)

Desperado (reissue) (12/03)

Hero's Kiss, A (Anthology) (12/03)

After Midnight (reissue) (11/03)

Storm Over the Lake (reissue) (10/03)

Man in Control (10/03)

With a Southern Touch (Anthology) (09/03)

To Love and Cherish (reissue) (09/03)

Lawless (07/03)

Texan Lovers: Calhoun, Justin, Tyler (07/03)

Blessings in Disguise (Anthology) (05/03)

Man of Means, A
The Millionaire's Pregnant Bride (UK-Anthology)

Texans at Heart: Sutton, Ethan, Connal (03/03)

Bound by a Promise (reissue) (01/03)

Lionhearted (12/02)

Diamond Spur (11/02)

Storm Over the Lake (reissue) (09/02)

Love on Trial (reissue) (09/02)

Love on Trial (reissue) (09/02)

To Love and Cherish (09/02)

Sweet Enemy (reissue) (09/02)

Sweet Enemy (reissue) (09/02)

Desperado (07/02)

With A Southern Touch (Anthology) (05/02)

Brides to Be (Anthology) (05/02)

Heather's Song (Hardcover) (05/02)

Man of Means, A (04/02)

Long, Tall Texans: Calhoun, Justin, Tyler (reissue) (03/02)

Take 5: Volume 7 (Anthology) (03/02)

After the Music (Hardcover) (01/02)

Crowned Hearts (Anthology) (12/01)

Long, Tall Texan Weddings: Jeb, Hank, Simon (11/01)

Callaghan's Bride (UK-Hardcover) (11/01)

Winter Loving (Anthology) (10/01)

Last Mercenary, The (09/01)

Take 5: Volume 1 (Anthology) (08/01)

Unlikely Alliances (Anthology) (08/01)

Texas Ranger, The (08/01)

Long, Tall Texans: Calhoun, Justin, Tyler (reissue) (06/01)

Winter Soldier, The (03/01)

Cowboy and the Lady, The (reissue) (02/01)

Heaven on Earth (Anthology) (01/01)

September Morning (Hardcover) (12/00)

Mercenary's Woman (UK) (12/00)

Princess Bride, The (Hardcover) (11/00)

Lord of the Desert (10/00)

Heart of Ice (reissue) (09/00)

Weddings in White (Anthology) (09/00)

Patient Nurse, The (Hardcover) (07/00)

Take This Man (Anthology) (06/00)

Most Wanted (Anthology) (06/00)

Mercenary's Woman (05/00)

Coltrain's Proposal (UK-Hardcover) (05/00)

Diamond Girl (reissue) (04/00)

Soldiers of Fortune (Anthology) (04/00)

Paper Rose (reissue) (03/00)

Fit for a King (reissue) (03/00)

Roomful of Roses (reissue) (01/00)

Matt Caldwell: Texas Tycoon (01/00)

Wedding in White, The (01/00)

Circle of Gold (01/00)

Paper Rose (12/99)

Lone Star Christmas ... and Other Gifts (Anthology) (10/99)

Rage Of Passion (reissue) (08/99)

Love With a Long Tall Texan (08/99)

Do You Take This Man? (Anthology) (07/99)

Beloved (UK) (07/99)

Long Tall Texans: Emmett, Regan, Burke (06/99)

Blind Promises (05/99)

Power of Love, The (Anthology) (04/99)

Callaghan's Bride (03/99)

Beloved (01/99)

Maverick Hearts (Anthology) (01/99)

Eye of the Tiger (reissue) (12/98)

Once In Paris (reissue) (12/98)

Once in Paris (12/98)

Best Is Yet to Come, The (UK) (11/98)

Betrayed by Love (UK) (11/98)

Midnight Rider (10/98)

Father Factor, The (UK-Anthology) (08/98)

Hunter (reissue) (08/98)

Snow Kisses (reissue) (08/98)

His Girl Friday (reissue) (07/98)

Rage of Passion (reissue) (06/98)

Savage Heart, The (reissue) (06/98)

After the Music (reissue) (06/98)

Justin (Hardcover) (04/98)

Montana Mavericks: Weddings (Anthology) (04/98)

Hoodwinked (reissue) (04/98)

Princess Bride, The (03/98)

Calhoun (Hardcover- Large Print) (12/97)

Lone Star Christmas (Anthology) (11/97)

Patient Nurse, The (10/97)

Regan's Pride (reissue) (09/97)

Savage Heart, The (09/97)

Maggie's Dad (Hardcover- Large Print) (09/97)

Husbands on Horseback
(Anthology-Large Print)

Champagne Girl (reissue) (08/97)

Nelson's Brand (reissue) (08/97)

Long, Tall Texans III: Harden, Evan, Donavan (07/97)

Long Tall Texan Summer, A (06/97)

Case of the Mesmerizing Boss, The (reissue) (06/97)

Mystery Man (03/97)

Husbands on Horseback (UK-Anthology) (03/97)

Snow Kisses (reissue) (01/97)

Magnolia (01/97)

Heart of Ice (reissue) (12/96)

Donavan (UK) (12/96)

Evan (UK) (12/96)

Royal Weddings (Anthology) (12/96)

September Morning (reissue) (11/96)

Harden (UK) (11/96)

Amelia (reissue) (11/96)

Husbands on Horseback (Anthology) (10/96)

Baby? Maybe (Anthology) (10/96)

Ethan (UK) (09/96)

Passion Flower (reissue) (08/96)

Tyler (UK) (07/96)

Abduction & Seduction (Anthology) (05/96)

Diamond Girl (reissue) (05/96)

Man of Ice (05/96)

Maggie's Dad (reissue) (04/96)

Enamored (reissue) (02/96)

Maggie's Dad (11/95)

Friends and Lovers (reissue) (11/95)

Coltrain's Proposal (09/95)

Noelle (09/95)

Australian, The (reissue) (09/95)

Cattleman's Choice (reissue) (09/95)

Long, Tall Texans II: Sutton, Ethan, Connal (07/95)

Fire and Ice (reissue) (06/95)

Betrayed by Love (reissue) (06/95)

Amelia (reissue) (03/95)

Lady Love (reissue) (03/95)

That Burke Man (03/95)

Abduction & Seduction (Anthology) (01/95)

Lover Come Back (Anthology) (12/94)

Christmas Memories (Anthology) (11/94)

Rawhide Man, The (reissue) (11/94)

Brave Hearts (Anthology) (10/94)

Rogue Stallion (08/94)

Cattleman's Choice (reissue) (08/94)

Nora (08/94)

Long, Tall Texans: Calhoun, Justin, Tyler (07/94)

Enamored (reissue) (07/94)

Tender Stranger, The (reissue) (05/94)

Regan's Pride (04/94)

Love by Proxy (reissue) (03/94)

Soldier of Fortune (reissue) (01/94)

Secret Agent Man (01/94)

King's Ransom (11/93)

Australian, The (reissue) (09/93)

Night of Love (08/93)

Trilby (reissue) (07/93)

Amelia (07/93)

To Mother With Love '93 (Anthology) (05/93)

Case of the Missing Secretary, The (reissue) (02/93)

Heather's Song (reissue) (02/93)

Trilby (01/93)

Emmett (01/93)

Case of the Missing Secretary, The (09/92)

Rawhide & Lace,
Unlikely Lover (Anthology)

Case of the Confirmed Bachelor, The (06/92)

Case of the Mesmerizing Boss, The (03/92)

Donavan (01/92)

Lacy (12/91)

Evan (09/91)

Darling Enemy (reissue) (08/91)

Best Is Yet to Come, The (06/91)

Harden (03/91)

Nelson's Brand (01/91)

Hunter (11/90)

Duets: # 5 (Anthology) (08/90)

Duets: # 6 (Anthology) (08/90)

Connal (08/90)

Duets: # 4 (Anthology) (07/90)

Silhouette Summer Sizzlers 1990 (Anthology) (05/90)

Duets: # 3 (Anthology) (04/90)

Duets: # 2 (Anthology) (02/90)

Duets: # 1 (Anthology) (02/90)

Ethan (01/90)

His Girl Friday (10/89)

Sutton's Way (09/89)

Hoodwinked (04/89)

Reluctant Father (01/89)

Tyler (10/88)

Justin (08/88)

Calhoun (06/88)

Enamored (04/88)

Heather's Song (reissue) (02/88)

Betrayed by Love (12/87)

Silhouette Christmas Stories 1987 (Anthology) (11/87)

Woman Hater (10/87)

Fit for a King (05/87)

Rage of Passion (01/87)

Unlikely Lover (12/86)

Rawhide and Lace (09/86)

Loveplay (07/86)

Champagne Girl (06/86)

Eye of the Tiger (04/86)

After the Music (01/86)

Love by Proxy (12/85)

Tender Stranger, The (09/85)

Australian, The (05/85)

Cattleman's Choice (03/85)

Soldier of Fortune (02/85)

Lady Love (12/84)

Passion Flower (11/84)

Rawhide Man, The (09/84)

Heart of Ice (08/84)

Roomful of Roses (06/84)

Diamond Girl (01/84)

Snow Kisses (11/83)

Darling Enemy (10/83)

Fire and Ice (08/83)

Friends and Lovers (03/83)

September Morning (11/82)

Cowboy and the Lady, The (08/82)

Heather's Song (07/82)

At Winter's End (01/81)

Sweet Enemy (01/80)

Dream's End (01/80)

Love on Trial (01/80)

Now and Forever,
Meeting At Midnight,
Castaway Heart (Anthology)

Storm Over the Lake,
To Have and To Hold,
Sweet Enemy (Anthology)

Now and Forever (01/79)

Bound by a Promise (01/79)

Storm Over the Lake (01/79)

To Have and To Hold (01/79)


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