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Lisa Jackson

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Lisa Jackson
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Jo Goodman
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To find characters to illustrate my first family saga, I cut out models from the Sears catalogue. I was in fourth grade, but it was a start. In seventh grade I wrote a melodrama about two orphan sisters, one of whom was pregnant. There was also a story about a runaway girl with the unlikely name of Strawberry and one about mistaken identities and an evil blind date. My supportive, but vaguely concerned parents, sighed with relief when I announced I was going to write children's books. They bought me an electric typewriter and crossed their fingers, but somehow PASSION'S BRIDE came out. No one was really surprised.

I graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a major in biology and a minor in chemistry and some notion that I would do marine research. Years of competitive swimming didn't help me anticipate seasickness. A career change seemed in order. I began working with adolescents and families, first as a childcare worker and later, after graduating from West Virginia University with a master's degree in counseling, as a therapist. I am currently the executive director of a child caring/mental health agency and find my work and my writing often compliment each other. One grounds me in reality and the other offers a break from it.

I chose my pen name because none of my college friends ever called me Joanne and Goodman is simply a loose translation of Dobrzanski. Two careers. Two names. One makes the other possible. When both sides of my brain are talking, it's a party!

2006, Jo Goodman lives with her family in Colliers, West Virginia.

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Book List
This Gun for Hire (04/15)

In Want of a Wife (05/14)

True to the Law (05/13)

Last Renegade, The (09/12)

Place Called Home, A (12/11)

Kissing Comfort (08/11)

Marry Me (12/10)

Never Love A Lawman (09/09)

Price of Desire, The (09/08)

If His Kiss Is Wicked (09/07)

One Forbidden Evening (08/06)

Season To Be Sinful, A (08/05)

Beyond a Wicked Kiss (08/04)

All I Ever Needed (10/03)

Everything I Ever Wanted (03/03)

Magically Delicious (Anthology) (11/02)

Tempting Torment (10/02)

Let Me Be The One (09/02)

More Than You Wished (04/02)

Seaswept Abandon (09/00)

More Than You Know (05/00)

Crystal Passion (09/99)

With All My Heart (04/99)

Captain's Lady, The (08/98)

My Reckless Heart (02/98)

My Steadfast Heart (03/97)

More Than a Touch
Wild Sweet Ecstasy

Only In My Arms (09/96)

Baby Dreams (Anthology) (06/96)

Forever in My Heart (reissue) (03/96)

Always In My Dreams (06/95)

Forever in My Heart (07/94)

Rogue's Mistress (05/93)

Wild Sweet Ecstasy (05/92)

Christmas Rendezvous (Anthology) (11/91)

Sweet Fire (07/91)

Passion's Sweet Revenge (03/90)

Midnight Princess (10/89)

Scarlet Lies (10/88)

Violet Fire (02/88)

Velvet Night (05/87)

Passion's Bride (08/84)


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