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Lisa Jackson

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Lisa Jackson
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April Kihlstrom
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I am a writer first.

I write what I do because I believe that each of us also has the ability to create the lives we want to have — no matter what the circumstances of our past may have been. Whether in the Regency time period or the present or the future, my heroes and heroines will always find ways to rise above the challenges in their lives and treat others — or learn to treat others — with kindness and honor and respect.

Most of my books have been set in the Regency time period. Why not? It was a time when so much was changing socially, politically, economically, and in personal relationships. And just like today people were trying to adapt to all those changes and decide what to keep and what to let go of in terms of traditions and values and beliefs.

My latest project is a little different. It involves were creatures and perhaps some unexpected magic. It wasn’t what I expected to write but some stories grab you by the throat and don’t let go—they demand to be written! This was one of those stories. More as it develops.

So . . . welcome to my website. You will find information on my published books and my speaking engagements, links to websites useful to writers, tips for writers and for public speaking, and some of my personal thoughts as well.

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Photo: April Kihlstrom
Website Links
Book Series
Langford Brothers series
Magic Locket series
Westcott Sisters series
Book List
Miss Tibbles Interferes (06/02)

Soldier's Bride, The (02/02)

Widower's Folly, The (07/01)

Ambitious Baronet, The (03/01)

Miss Tibbles Investigates (06/00)

Sentimental Soldier, The (02/00)

Wily Wastrel, The (10/99)

Reckless Barrister, The (04/99)

Miss Tibbles' Folly (09/98)

Outrageous Proposal, An (07/98)

Reluctant Thief, The (03/98)

Honorable Rogue, An (06/97)

Widowed Bride, The (12/96)

Wicked Groom, The (04/96)

Dangerous Masquerade (04/92)

Reckless Wager, The (11/91)

Scholar's Daughter, The (02/89)

Miss Redmond's Folly (06/88)

Captain Rogue (02/88)

Counterfeit Betrothal, The (08/87)

Nabob's Widow, The (07/86)

Charming Imposter, The (09/85)

Twice Betrothed (11/84)

Mysterious Governess, The (04/84)

Wary Spinster, The (08/83)

Improper Companion, An (03/83)

Scandalous Bequest, A (09/82)

Choice of Cousins, A (02/82)


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