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Nancy Bush

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Nancy Bush
You Can't Escape
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Allison Knight
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Long before Allison started writing, she read. She always had a book in her hands, books like Quo Vadis, Swiss Family Robinson, and Ben Hur. She loved historicals. In junior high she decided she wanted to write, so in seventh grade she wrote poetry. In eighth grade she started writing prose; in high school, short stories, in college, she authored a newspaper column. After college, she continued to write. While teaching Home Economics, she even started a cookbook. Her husband claims it was a good thing it never saw the light of day. When she started teaching, she met and fell in love with her very own hero. They married and started a family. As her children grew, she entertained them with stories, some real and some not so real. When she found a spare minute or two, she read. She still continued to teach and more than once her classroom, full of inquiring minds, had a teacher who'd had very little sleep the night before because she'd read into the wee hours of the morning. (She claims she has no self-discipline when it came to a good book!) One evening, after she discovered historical romance, she realized in the book she was reading, the hero's mother (an integral part of the plot) had disappeared from the story. She never returned. The hero's brother made an appearance, then never got another mention. The heroine's blue eyes changed to green then brown. By the time she finished that book, she knew she had to write a romance. Something told her she could write a better book! Full of enthusiasm, she pulled out her portable typewriter, a package of paper and began - - - THE GREAT AMERICAN ROMANCE! Her daughter asked what Allison was doing. "I'm writing a book," Allison said. "Oh yea, Ma! When cows fly!!!!" She dedicated that book to her children exhorting them to look up! Now, she had a collection of cows. (ceramic cows, marble cows, stuffed toy cows, napkin holders, wind chimes, even a tea pot!) All gifts from her proud children who now know: "Cows Can Fly!"

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