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Ann Major

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Ann Major
Marriage at the Cowboy's Demand
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Susan Wiggs
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"Your storytelling fills in the little holes in my soul," wrote a reader of Susan Wiggs, and this comment perfectly captures what the author hopes to achieve with her romantic novels.

Wiggs, a former teacher, firmly believes that love can create a world in which all wounds are healed, and her award-winning tales of adventure and romance bear this out. Noted for their scenes of emotional truth, evoking both tears and laughter, her novels regularly appear on national bestseller lists.

Susan Wiggs lives with her family on an island in the Pacific Northwest.

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Photo: Susan Wiggs
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Book Series
Bella Vista Chronicles
Chicago Fire Trilogy
The Lakeshore Chronicles
Tudor Rose
Book List
Miranda (reissue) (10/15)

Starlight on Willow Lake (hardcover) (08/15)

Marrying Daisy Bellamy (reissue) (07/15)

Summer by the Sea (reprint) (05/15)

Texas Wildflower (reprint) (01/15)

Candlelight Christmas (paperback) (10/14)

Maiden of Ireland, The (08/14)

Beekeeper's Ball, The (hardcover) (06/14)

Summer Hideaway, The (reprint) (03/14)

Candlelight Christmas (hardcover) (10/13)

Drifter, The (reissue) (09/13)

Just Breathe (reprint) (08/13)

Lightkeeper, The (reissue) (08/13)

Mistress of Normandy, The (07/13)

Apple Orchard, The (05/13)

Return to Willow Lake (hardcover) (08/12)

Table for Five (reissue) (01/12)

Goodbye Quilt (paperback) (10/11)

Home Before Dark (reprint) (08/11)

Lakeside Cottage (reprint) (08/11)

Marrying Daisy Bellamy (02/11)

Lakeshore Christmas (paperback) (10/10)

Mistress, The (reissue) (08/10)

Firebrand, The (reissue) (08/10)

Hostage, The (reissue) (07/10)

Dockside (reprint) (07/10)

Summer at Willow Lake (reprint) (05/10)

Summer Hideaway, The (03/10)

Winter Lodge, The (paperback) (01/10)

Lakeshore Christmas (Hardcover) (10/09)

At The Queen's Summons (reissue) (09/09)

Maiden's Hand, The (reissue) (08/09)

At The King's Command (reissue) (07/09)

Fireside (02/09)

Just Breathe (09/08)

Snowfall at Willow Lake (02/08)

Dockside (08/07)

Winter Lodge, The (02/07)

More Than Words (Anthology)
Volume 3

Summer At Willow Lake (08/06)

Lakeside Cottage (08/05)

Goodbye Quilt, The (07/05)

Table for Five (04/05)

Summer By The Sea (07/04)

Ocean Between Us, The (04/04)

Summer Affair, A (08/03)

Home Before Dark (04/03)

Drifter, The (03/03)

Lady of the Night

Enchanted Afternoon (09/02)

Firebrand, The (04/02)

Lightkeeper, The (03/02)

Passing Through Paradise (02/02)

Halfway to Heaven (10/01)

Charm School, The (03/01)

You I Never Knew, The (01/01)

Mistress, The (10/00)

Hostage, The (05/00)

Horsemaster's Daughter, The (11/99)

Husband For HIre (07/99)

Miranda (08/96)

Dancing On Air (01/96)

Vows Made in Wine (07/95)

Circle in the Water (09/94)

Kingdom of Gold (06/94)

October Wind (06/94)

Lord of the Night (10/93)

Jewel of the Sea (04/93)

Mist and the Magic, The (01/93)

Raven and the Rose, The (11/91)

Lily and the Leopard, The (02/91)

Moonshadow (01/89)

Embrace the Day (08/88)

Winds of Glory (08/88)

Briar Rose (10/87)

Texas Wildflower (04/87)


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