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Nancy Bush

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You Can't Escape
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With Private Eyes
Passionately Ever After

by : Metsy Hingle ,
Eileen Wilks

2 in 1
THE BARONES: An elite clan caught in a web of danger, deceit . . . and desire!

Book 1 -
Originally Published -
Date: November 2003 . . . ISBN: 0373765436 . . .
Silhouette Desire - SD # 1543
Eileen Wilks: "With Private Eyes."
Sassy versus sexy!
Claudia Barone was the perfect choice to shadow Ethan Mallory and discover what he knew about the sabotage of her family's business. She could steam-roll anyone. Anyone but Ethan. The cagey P.I. would never tell her his prime suspect was her brother. Nor could he hide his attraction - red-hot, out of control and licking at her heels.
To a society deb like Claudia, Ethan was rough around the edges, and used caveman tactics to get his way. Yet that earthy animal attraction threatened to eat her alive. Claudia had never been bested by a man, but working closely with Ethan, desperately trying to keep her hands off him, she wondered if she'd met her match.

Book 2 -
Originally Published -
Date: December 2003 . . . ISBN: 0373765495 . . .
Silhouette Desire - SD # 1549
Metsy Hingle: "Passionately Ever After."
He’d Tracked her down . . .
. . . in the snow-covered Montana mountains. But in his runaway lover's glistening eyes Steven Conti could see she still loved him, still wanted him. And from her rounded belly he could see she hid his unborn baby. Nothing would stop Steven from taking them home to Boston β€” his woman and his child.
From their first night together, Maria Barone was branded by his kiss; she could belong to no one but Steven. But he was a Conti, and she a Barone β€” sworn enemies and feuding rivals. Maria wanted Steven, as a husband, a lover, a father to her baby. But could they find happily-ever-after β€” or had she fallen for the one man she could never keep?


With Private Eyes<br>and<br>Passionately Ever After

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Silhouette Desire
Publish Date:
September 2004
Anthology- Contemporary

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