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Southern Nights (Anthology)
by : Sandra Chastain ,
Helen Mittermeyer,
Patricia Potter.

Sultry, magnolia-scented breezes . . . sudden fierce thunderstorms . . . nights of beauty and enchantment. Loveswept authors present the many seductive faces of summer. Destined to appeal to readers of Silhouette and Harlequin summer romance collections, this is the first anthology by Loveswept authors.

Book 1 - Sandra Chastain: “Summer Lightning.”
Time Period: Contemporary
Through a violent summer storm in Nashville, Joe's haunting music drew her to him, striking strangely familiar notes in her mind though she had lost her memory. For him, she was only Summer, with no past, only the present. Together they shared a midnight dream of healing and love, stolen moments neither of them were certain they had the right to possess. For the first time in her life, Summer was free to choose. Did she dare choose love?

Book 2 - Helen Mittermeyer: “Summer Heat.”
Time Period: Contemporary
Amid the steamy and mysterious Louisiana bayous, Zane Colby struggled to rebuild her life, surrounded by the decayed splendor of her ancestral home. She'd been robbed of her husband's love by his family's intrigues, but now he's come to reclaim her. Jake had lost four years of happiness with his wife - and more than he'd ever dreamed. And this time nothing would keep him from fulfilling his vow - to have and hold her forever!

Book 3 - Patricia Potter: “Summer Strangers.”
Time Period: Contemporary
Enchantment filled the evening - a seductive summer magic that built until it had to explode. Corey was sensible, responsible, wary of priviledge and wealth and charmed, carefree lives. But somehow she found herself dazzled by the fiery opulence of Fourth of July fireworks in Decatur, Georgia, drawn to a laughing, impulsive man. It was a moment for being reckless. for being wild and foolish . . . and for opening her heart to love!

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Southern Nights (Anthology)

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Bantam Books
Publish Date:
May 1992
Anthology- Contemporary

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