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Bride Too Many, One
Groom to Go, One

by : Jennifer Drew

ONE BRIDE TOO MANY and ONE GROOM TO GO, two new releases combined into one Duets book, tell the humorous path of matrimony for twins when their grandfather Marsh demands that they marry. Refusal to marry means that he'll sell the Bailey stock and their mother will lose control of the business.

In ONE BRIDE TOO MANY Cole Bailey crashes a wedding reception looking for a bride of his own. When he unexpectedly rescues the bridesmaid's dress from permanent damage, he's surprised to see the changes time has made to a former classmate. Tess Morgan's transformation leaves him breathless, but a man can't date a "pal." When Tess looses a bet to him, Cole persuades her to play matchmaker for him. Friday nights will never be the same as he manipulates and monopolizes his way through the weekends and Tess sits home alone, or worse finds herself on a double date with him.

In ONE GROOM TO GO, Zach Bailey figures that if he can hold out until his brother and new bride are pregnant, he can get off the marriage hook with his grandfather. He hopes that his grandfather will be amenable to passing his shares of stock to a new Bailey, thereby ensuring that his mother remains in her current position in the company. Until news of unclehood arrives, Zach convinces the host of a home improvement show, Megan Danbury, to becomes his "fake girlfriend" in exchange for saving her career. But Megan is trouble personified on screen and off. She needs him to keep the station owner happy and her career intact, but she'd really prefer to tell him what he can do with his hammer and stripper.

Jennifer Drew provides fans of romantic comedy two amusing romps in this Duet selection. The bad-boy Bailey twins find themselves yielding to the demands of the heart with entrancing characterizations and a fun plot. A quick, light read filled with witty dialogue and outrageous situations, this Duet selection comes highly recommended.

(Harlequin Duets, #59)


Bride Too Many, One<br>and<br>Groom to Go, One

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Harlequin Duets
Publish Date:
September 2001
Anthology- Contemporary

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