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Lacey Dancer Quartet (Anthology)
by : Lacey Dancer ,
Boxed Set of 4 previously released books now in 1 volume

Book 1 - "Silent Enchantment"
Pippa series Book 1
Originally Published -
Date: August 1990 . . .
ISBN: 1878702068 . . .
Publisher: Meteor Publishing - Kismet # 7
When Atlanta executive Alex Kane brought a cottage in the backwoods of Georgia, he hoped the solitude would restore his health. He never expected to encounter country splendors that would heal his heart. She first appeared in a mist at the edge of the forest. Atop her silver horse, Lorelei Starke had all the presence and beauty of a fairy-tale princess. But when she stepped out of the mist and into his life, Alex learned that Lorelei was a real woman with hopes and fears, a woman with deep unexplored passions. a woman with a painful past. Once Lorelei had touched the hem of fame: she had stood before cheering audiences, accepting their adoration as her due. Then a tragic accident had shattered her career, leaving a broken, wounded girl behind. Since then, shadows and silence had been her only companions. It was up to Alex to bring Lorelei to terms with, the world. The sound of his voice could chase away the silence and lead her to a love so powerful, she would never need to hide in the mists again. If only he could gain her trust!

Book 2 - "Diamond on Ice"
Pippa series Book 2
Originally Published -
Date: March 1991 . . .
ISBN: 1878702343 . . .
Publisher: Meteor Publishing - Kismet # 35
Jason Starke had earned the name "Iceman" both on and off the ice. The Olympic gold medalist was a master of the silver blades - perfection on ice. But inside, Jason felt like an imposter, a showman who glided and twirled to escape the black emptiness that ate away at his soul. He had reached the height of success, but at what price? Unable to keep performing, Jason cancelled his tour and went off to search for a skater from the past. Ten years ago, Diana Diamond had been a teen phenomenon on ice, blazing across the mirrored surface like living fire. But she had withdrawn from skating competition just before her first Olympic tryouts. Over the years, Jason bad wondered what drove her to leave the ice. Soon after he met her, Diana Diamond became his only obsession. Diana wanted nothing to do with Jason's plans for an Olympic skating school - or his badgering to perform again. And yet, she couldn't deny the heated desire evoked by his every touch. The Iceman had inflamed her passions and set fire to her private world. And he was bound and determined to haunt her until the world could see Diana Diamond on ice once again.

Book 3 - "13 Days Of Luck"
Pippa series Book 3
Originally Published -
Date: September 1991 . . .
ISBN: 1878702580 . . .
Publisher: Meteor Publishing - Kismet # 59
Although her fans eagerly awaited her next best-selling novel, author Pippa Weldon was suffering from writer's block. A journey to a new place might change her perspective and bring her characters back to life. Pippa booked a Caribbean cruise, feeling sure it would break the spell of boredom that had taken the edge from her writing. She found inspiration the minute she encountered fellow passenger Joshua Luck. Not only was he a handsome, forty-eight-year-old millionaire, Joshua was also a forceful, decisive individual But Pippa wasn't interested in a shipboard romance. She was searching for a passion that would last a lifetime, and had no use for 13 days of Joshua Luck. Tall, imposing Joshua had come on the cruise to make amends with his estranged brother. After years spent barreling down the narrow path of success, Joshua realized that his glitzy world was wearing thin. He'd never expected to fall for an impetuous, silver-haired vixen like Pippa. She was all wrong for him, definitely not his type. So why did he find her utterly irresistible?

Book 4 - "Flight Of The Swan"
Pippa series Book 4
Originally Published -
Date: February 1992 . . .
ISBN: 1878702777 . . .
Publisher: Meteor Publishing - Kismet # 77
The minute Christiana Drake met the Luck twins, she was hooked. How could she resist the chaIlenge of caring for the mischievous duo who were about to drive their parents, Pippa and Josh through the roof? The position would give her a chance to unwind with her secret passion - soaring from the high dive. Christiana was arching through the air in a perfect swan dive when Martin "Rich" Richiand first spotted her. Her grace was magnificent, her figure a dream. With her ivory skin and long, silky hair, she was every man's fantasy . . . every man except Rich. His string of unhappy relationships had convinced Rich to swear off romance for good. He'd decided that his energy would be better spent in his work as vice president of Luck Enterprises. But Pippa Luck. couldn't resist another chance to play Cupid. Despite Christiana's fears and Rich's past, Pippa was determined to lead them down lovers' lane, All they needed was a little bit of luck!

Series: Pippa series
Lacey Dancer Quartet (Anthology) - Book
Silent Enchantment - Book 1
Diamond on Ice - Book 2
13 Days of Luck - Book 3
Flight of the Swan - Book 4
Baby Makes Five - Book 5
Forever Joy - Book 6
Lightning Strikes Twice - Book 7
His Woman's Gift - Book 8

Lacey Dancer Quartet (Anthology)

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Meteor - Kismet
Publish Date:
June 1992
Anthology- Contemporary

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