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Montana Moonfire
by : Carol Finch

A WEDDING TO FORGET As usual, silvery-blond Chicago debutante Victoria Flemming-Cassidy was given no choice: today she would marry stuffy, oh-so-suitable Hubert Carrington Frazie the mate her socially ambitious mother had chosen for her. The ceremony was about to begin when the towering, suntanned preacher suddenly flung her over his broad shoulders, dumped her in a wagon, and hightailed it out of town—headed West! Tori wondered whether marriage to horrible Hubert might be better than this degrading ideal...until her handsome captor lifted her into his arms and stopped her protests with a kiss! Reaching up to twine her fingers in his ebony hair, Tori realized she'd been given the best present a bride could hope for: a night of passion with a real man!

A NIGHT TO REMEMBER Dru Sullivan had a ranch to run and besides, he'd rather face an Indian war party single-handed than dress up as a preacher and crash a highfalutin' wedding! But he owed his wealth and even his life to his gold-mining partner, Caleb Flemming, so he could hardly refuse when the oldtimer begged him to rescue his citified daughter and bring her home to Montana. Dru dreaded having to mollycoddle some prissy bundle of fluff—until he grabbed the white-gowned Tori right from the altar, alone with the violet-eyed and eluded the pursuing posse, and found himself alone with the violet-eyed beauty. One kiss convinced the rugged rancher that he should lose no time showing Tori the kind of wedding-night bliss the sensuous innocent would never forget!


Montana Moonfire

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Zebra Historical Romance
Publish Date:
December 1990
Historical: American - (1800-1890) West

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