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Royal Weddings (Anthology)
by : Diana Palmer ,
Marion Smith Collins, Kathleen Korbel

Three previously released books now in 1 volume . . .
"Every Night at Eight" by Marion Smith Collins
Selena Mastron belonged to two different worlds -- she was a sophisticated American woman . . . and the child of a Karastonian family that believed in arranged marriages. But since she was building a career, marriage was the last thing on her mind . . . until royal dignitary Nicholas Saber asked her to be his bride. Before she knew it, Selena found herself whisked off to an exotic castle in a faraway land -- wooed by a dark-eyed man she barely knew! It was to be a royal marriage of convenience. Nicholas thought that with her background, Selena would make the perfect wife. What the handsome widower never expected, though, was to lose his heart to this outspoken, independent woman who had her own unique ideas about love and marriage -- made in America!

"A Prince of a Guy" by Kathleen Korbel
Down-to-earth Casey Phillips had never thought of herself as Cinderella until she visited the tiny kingdom of Moritania. There, perfect strangers thought they recognized her wasn't she Princess Cassandra, heir to the throne? The resemblance was uncanny. In reality, the future queen had been kidnapped, and Prince Eric von Lieberhaven wanted Casey to impersonate her. Casey agreed -- what did she have to lose? With Eric by her side she entered a fairy-tale world of romance. But although he spoke of love, he was a prince who took his duties seriously, leaving Casey to wonder if they'd ever have their happy ending.

"King's Ransom" by Diana Palmer
Who was the stranger living in Brianna Scott's apartment? Ahmed ben Rashid claimed to be a foreign diplomat in need of a hiding place. And though Brianna needed Ahmed's generosity to take care of her brother, she wasn't about to play housemaid to some overbearing sheikh! In such close quarters it wasn't long before Brianna discovered Ahmed had the demeanor of a king. Yet the biggest surprise was "His Majesty's" demand that she become his bride. But Brianna wasn't walking down the aisle until her royal suitor learned a much-needed lesson in love.


Royal Weddings (Anthology)

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Publish Date:
December 1996
Anthology- Contemporary

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