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Marriage at the Cowboy's Demand
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Frontier Fires
by : Rosanne Bittner

An Indomitable Clan in a Mighty Land

TEXAS -- it was where Caleb Sax, the half-breed Indian many knew as Blue Hawk, dared to love a white woman, take her for his own, and with her raise a dynasty in a territory torn by conflict.

TEXAS -- where the Sax clan would fight the land-hungry newcomers and Comanches who strove to uproot them; where the war with Mexico for a free republic would pit the Sax clan against an army thousands strong.

TEXAS -- where a bold new generation is born: Caleb's exotically beautiful daughter Lynda, a woman who shares his half-breed blood and reckless passions, who gives her heart to a man, but vows he will never conquer her spirit; and Tom, Caleb's Cheyenne son, a man willing to fight -- and die -- for his land and the white woman he longs to call his own. Children of a proud past, all would ride a tempest of glory and desire for their country's future -- and for their love.

FRONTIER FIRES is the continuing story of Caleb and Sarah Sax and their children, based on major historical events in what is now the state of Texas during the years 1833 - 1842:
  • Caleb -- In his heart, he was soft and loving. But the world had forced him to survive by the brute power of his bare hands. For trouble has a way of following a half breed...
  • Sarah -- Nothing could compare to making love with the man she treasured beyond all things, a man who had been her friend in childhood, her lover in their youth.
  • Lynda -- The daughter of the half-breed Caleb and his firey-haired bride, she had a savage beauty that stirred the needs in a man seldom satisfied in such a desolate land. Two men loved her, a Cherokee and a cowboy, but could either tame her wild spirit?
  • Tom -- Every inch the son of the proud Caleb Sax, he went through hell to win the woman he loved, and to defend young Texas against the Mexicans ... but could either desire quench the fires that raged within this child of the Cheyenne?

Series: Blue Hawk
Savage Horizons - Book 1
Frontier Fires - Book 2
Destiny's Dawn - Book 3

Frontier Fires

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Warner Books
Publish Date:
June 1987
Historical: American - (1800-1890) West

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