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Official Review This is an Official Review by a Chicklit Romance Writer Official Reviewer

Review for Lucky Girl
Author: Cate Lord
Date of Review: 08/21/11
Reviewed by:

Reviewer Comments: Lucky Girl is the first book written under the pseudonym of Cate Lord. It is the story of a girl who has doubts about who she is and is swept off her feet on an English adventure. It contains all the angst that those of us in the post-Bridget Jones world come to expect of this kind of story.

Jessica Devlin has the very exciting job of being a beauty editor for O Tart, a fashion magazine based in Orlando, Florida. She writes articles about the latest trends and styles. She has recently broken off her engagement after finding out her fiancé cheated on her and in the post-breakup sugar frenzy, has put on some weight. As the story opens, Jess is preparing to head to England for her cousin’s wedding and a two-week vacation. She has some anxiety about the wedding and the memories it evokes of her last visit, but she is ready to get away for a while. What Jess doesn’t expect is for the best man to be the hunky Sex God who held her hair for her as she vomited on her last visit.

Nick Mondinello works for a London PR firm. He met a girl two years ago at a pub when he held her hair. He knows that she is the cousin of his best friend’s bride and expects to see her at the wedding. What he doesn’t expect is everything that happens afterwards.

In true comedic heroine form, Jess does everything wrong while trying to catch Nick’s attention. She finds herself in the most embarrassing situations and makes a ton of misconceptions about what is really going on with Nick. On the plus side, she has her amazing English cousins to keep her grounded.

This story was interesting, if a bit trite. I found that it didn’t stand out from the vast number of other stories with the same general plot lines. Although Jess was a compelling and funny heroine for most of the book, at times her self-pity and whining became a bit too much and I really wanted to reach through the book and smack some sense into her. I did like the character of Nick and thought he played the hero role wonderfully.

I think that the constant references to Pluck Penguin and Chicky Dee were a bit much. I understand that Ms. Lord was trying to add the whole spy theme into the story and to give it some context, but after a while, Jess’s constant referencing of this obscure British show made me start to lose interest.

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