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Overall: 10
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Chicklit Element: 10

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Official Review This is an Official Review by a Chicklit Romance Writer Official Reviewer

Review for Unleashing Mr. Darcy
Author: Teri Wilson
Date of Review: 10/26/13
Reviewed by:

Reviewer Comments: What an amazing tribute to Jane Austen! Teri Wilson takes the story of Darcy and Elizabeth and modernizes it in a unique way. The story is set against the backdrop of dog shows both here and in England.

Elizabeth Scott is taking her dog to the local dog shows in the hopes of getting her mind off her employment situation. She is on suspension from the school where she teaches as the result of being falsely accused of extorting a parent in order to change a grade. Fortunately, Elizabeth has her dog that she adores. She does not expect to be subjected to the arrogance and rudeness of the celebrity judge from England. Nor does she expect to keep running into him. He is simply not for her and no matter how handsome he is, his attitude leaves something to be desired.

Donovan Darcy loves his dogs. He takes great pride in showing them and in being a judge for dog shows in both England and the United States. What he does not appreciate is being challenged by an upstart American nor the fact that he cannot get her out of his mind. Donovan wants to return to his own dog that is due to have puppies and not to keep running into Elizabeth.

Circumstances allow Elizabeth to go to England when her job situation remains even more uncertain. She is offered the opportunity to show dogs for a wealthy, but incredibly nice and down to earth woman. The only downfall is that Elizabeth keeps running into Donovan and the more she runs into him, the more she starts to like him.

I loved every minute of this story. I think it would be a great story without the connection to Jane Austen, but that element adds another level to the story. I love how Ms. Wilson has modernized the story of two opposites becoming attracted to each other. Of course our modern day Elizabeth and Darcy have their own issues to overcome before romance can truly blossom.

Elizabeth has a rampant distrust of all wealthy males and knows that it will cause problems between her and Darcy if he ever finds out why she was fired from her job. She can’t trust that he will believe in her and take her side. Darcy is himself not a demonstrative person and getting to know him can be quite difficult. He has a close relationship to his sister, but not to his aunt. Putting his emotions out there is not a comfortable state for Mr. Darcy.

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