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Shirley Tallman

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Shirley Tallman
Scandal on Rincon Hill (Hardcover)
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Sara Craven
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Sara Craven shares her somerset home with a West Highland white terrier called Berlie Wooster, several thousand books, and an amazing video collection.

When she’s not writing, she likes to travel in Europe, eat in good restaurants, and go to the theater, but reading will always be her greatest passion.

Since the birth of her twin grandchildren, she is a regular visitor to New York City, where the little tots live.

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Photo: Sara Craven
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Book Series
Innocent Mistress, Virgin Bride
Italian Husbands
Notting Hill Grooms
Red-Hot Revenge
The Untamed
Book List
Act of Betrayal (10/85)

Alien Vengeance (09/85)

Bad Enemy, A (11/83)

Bartaldi's Bride (07/00)

Bedroom Barter, The (01/05)

Bride of Desire (12/08)

Comparative Strangers (11/88)

Count Valieri's Prisoner (04/13)

Count Valieri's Prisoner (large print) (04/13)

Count's Blackmail Bargain, The (09/06)

Counterfeit Bride (01/83)

Dark Apollo (01/96)

Dark Paradise (07/84)

Dark Ransom (04/93)

Dark Summer Dawn (03/82)

Dawn Song (04/94)

Deceived (08/97)

Desperate Measures (11/92)

Devil and the Deep Sea (02/89)

Devil at Archangel, The (09/78)

Dragon's Lair (10/78)

End of Her Innocence, The (03/12)

End of Her Innocence, The (large print) (03/12)

Escape Me Never (04/86)

Flame of Diablo (01/80)

Flawless (06/90)

Forced Bride, The (01/07)

Forced Bride, The (UK) (02/07)

Forced Marriage, The (05/03)

Fugitive Wife (07/80)

Garden of Dreams, The (01/76)

Gift for a Lion, A (07/77)

High Price to Pay, A (10/86)

High Tide at Midnight (06/79)

Highest Stakes of All, The (05/11)

His Convenient Marriage (09/04)

His Forbidden Bride (06/04)

His Untamed Innocent (12/10)

His Wedding-Night Heir (12/05)

In the Millionaire's Possession (09/05)

Innocent on Her Wedding Night (10/07)

Innocent on Her Wedding Night (Large Print) (10/07)

Innocent's Surrender, The (03/10)

Irresistible Temptation (01/00)

Island of the Heart (01/90)

Italian's Pleasure, The (UK-Anthology) (04/06)

King of Swords (05/89)

Marchese's Love-Child, The (02/06)

Marriage at a Distance (04/00)

Marriage by Deception (01/01)

Marriage Deal, The (09/87)

Marriage Proposition, The (12/02)

Marriage Under Suspicion (10/99)

Mistress At a Price (06/05)

Mistress on Loan (08/03)

Moon of Aphrodite (02/81)

Moth to the Flame (09/79)

Nanny For Christmas, A (12/98)

Night of the Condor (12/87)

One Night with His Virgin Mistress (10/08)

One Reckless Night (03/98)

Outsider (05/88)

Pagan Adversary (08/83)

Past All Forgetting (07/78)

Place of Storms, A (05/78)

Price of Retribution, The (10/12)

Promise of the Unicorn (02/86)

Rome's Revenge (03/02)

Ruthless Awakening (10/09)

Santangeli Marriage, The (07/09)

Santangeli Marriage, The (UK) (01/09)

Seduction Game, The (05/99)

Seduction Never Lies (02/14)

Shadow of Desire (12/80)

Smokescreen Marriage (11/02)

Solitaire (12/79)

Storm Force (01/91)

Strange Adventure (06/77)

Summer of the Raven (06/81)

Sup With the Devil (06/83)

Sweet Revenge (UK-Anthology) (03/06)

Temple of the Moon (12/77)

Thunder on the Reef (09/95)

Token Wife, The (01/04)

Tower of Shadows (12/94)

Tycoon's Mistress, The (07/01)

Ultimate Temptation (06/98)

Unguarded Moment (12/82)

Virgin's Wedding Night, The (01/08)

Virgin's Wedding Night, The (Large Print) (01/08)

When the Devil Drives (07/92)

Wife Against Her Will (06/06)

Wife in the Shadows (09/11)

Wild Melody (08/77)

Witch's Harvest (08/88)

Witching Hour (10/81)


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