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Lisa Jackson

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Barbara Colley
Pseudonym/s: Anne Logan
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Barbara Colley is an award-winning, bestselling author of several romance novels, some under the name of Anne Logan, that have been published in over 16 foreign languages.

A native of Louisiana, Barbara has lived there all of her life. She was born in the town of Ringgold and grew up in Minden where she worked on her high-school newspaper, and later, on the staff of the Minden Press and Herald. At that time, though, she never really dreamed of becoming a writer. In fact, she attended Louisiana Tech University and Nicholls State University as a music education major. Her dream then was to become a band director. Instead, she fell in love, married and moved with her husband, David, to a small suburb of New Orleans. Over 30 years, three children and six precious grandchildren later, Barbara and her husband still live there. "I truly love living near New Orleans," Barbara says. "With its Creole French and Spanish influence, it's such a unique and interesting city. Strolling through the historical French Quarter or through the lush Garden District is one of my favorite pastimes. The city is well over 200 years old, but each time that I visit, I find something new and fascinating." Most of Barbara's books are set in her beloved Louisiana, more specifically, New Orleans. In addition to writing romantic suspense, she also writes a popular cozy mystery series.

So how did Barbara get started writing? "A lot of people ask me that question," she says. "And the answer is both simple and complex. Simply, I was trying to be a good, conscientious mother. More complex, I've always loved to read, and according to my mother, I've always possessed a healthy dose of imagination, as well as the belief that I could do anything I wanted to do if I set my mind to it. When my oldest daughter was a young teenager, Harlequin Presents books began arriving through the mail. Without my knowledge, my daughter had subscribed to the Harlequin Book Club, and I decided I should read a few to make sure they were suitable for someone her age. I deemed that they were suitable, but a funny thing happened. The more I read, the more I wanted to read. Then I came to a point when I began to believe that I could write one of those."

Barbara says that, "Believing I could write a book was half the battle. Actually writing one and getting published was the other half. Well, I did write one, then I wrote another one, then another, and I'm still writing 20 years later. I've worked at many jobs over the years: a line dispatcher in an Army ammunition facility, editing the classified section for a newspaper, a clerk at a nuclear power plant facility, a full-time stay-at-home mom and the secretary for a country club. The best job I've ever had, though, is being able to share my stories as a published author, whether they're romances or mysteries, with thousands of wonderful readers all over the world."

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